Saturday, October 30, 2010

On the ninth day of Halloween

(There will have to be two posts today, I never got around to getting this up last night. Ooops.)

The Great Pumpkin gave to me:
One trip to Old Navy to try and find some shirts to cover the belly. An extra 40% off clearance? SCORE. I wiped it out.

One late night knock on the door to tell us that the neighbor had smushed our truck while it was parked on the street. Oops. (The knock was enough to make me nearly pee myself since no one EVER rings the bell here and we had just watched House of the Devil. Ha.)

One last minute trip to the pumpkin patch, complete with:
Jack taking forever to choose his gourds (that's a hard decision you know!);
one cool pumpkin man;
obligatory big pumpkin photos;
a kid who cannot lose his cheesy grin;
I always like this display;
and my favorite...

the white pumpkins.

One day to Halloween and we still have no pumpkins for carving (they are crazy expensive this year at the farms) and the costume is still needing to have the wings attached.

Oh yea, and the neighborhood party is today, where I am REALLY REALLY hoping to find some kids close to Jack in age for him to play with. Too bad I don't have a business card with our phone number on it...

I better get the whip cracking, eh?


  1. I bought white pupmkins at Rural King this week for $2! They were slightly bigger than the ones around Jack at Rombachs.

  2. I'm sure you can whip out some easy cards real quick. I know you got craft skills!

  3. What Lisa said. Make your own, lickety split!


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