Thursday, October 21, 2010

On the second day of Halloween

The Great Pumpkin gave to me:

Jack's first parent teacher conference and his first report card (straight "A"'s);
Messes in every single square inch of my house (literally) because of a crazed day of birthday party preparation (which has seriously kicked my 7 months pregnant butt) but lead to...
6 ghosts ready for bowling action and
boxes waiting to be made into stackable haunted houses by the kids (which still need post it windows, but that is one of Jack's jobs*);

a garage sale find painting in progress project (totally necessary b/c my laundry room is absolutely not fit for anyone's eyes, which means that also needs to be cleaned up before the party because IT IS GOING TO RAIN and ruin my plans to avoid the housecleaning by being able to play outside!).

And one cancelled birthday trip to the zoo. (If I walk for 2 hours at the zoo I will not be able to walk on Saturday for the party. Jack *sort of* understands. But still, we always go to the zoo for his birthday, so there is some disappointment.)

I wish bowling alley parties weren't so expensive. I think I might be getting too pregnant to pull this stuff off here for a little while. (Should I just put the Christmas tree up now? LOLOLOL)

*Jack is really a great helper. Sure he whines about the every day stuff, but when it comes to crunch time he digs right in and does whatever I ask.


  1. Ok. I'm curious. How does one make those cute bowling ghosts? 2 liter pop bottles? I'm always looking for good games for our kid-friendly parties.

  2. Yay for A's! And you call that a mess? My house is way worse than that and there's just the two of us and neither of us is preparing for a birthday party - which will turn out great.

  3. 7 months preggers..............
    7 months preggers..............
    do you know how wonderful that sounds?

    W O N D E R F U L!

    Do we ever get to see Ms. Things bump? Are you looking adorable, in spite of it all? You are WOMAN!!!!!!! What a great mom you are!


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