Monday, October 04, 2010

Rainy day garage sales

It was COLD and raining on Saturday, but we hit a neighborhood garage sale anyway. As Dave says, "junking is not for sissies!"

I vaguely remembered that it was a good neighborhood for junk (although I have no clue what I might have bought from there before).

And it was.

I bought more than I have bought on one day since last year I think.
A tablecloth.
(With a not noticed fugitive dye problem).
An end table for the baby's room. Need to sort out the missing drawer problem though.
times two.
Some german ornaments. Some older than others, but hey, they were el cheapo.

And a beautiful big dough bowl.

I bought one other thing, but it's going to get a post of it's own.

As soon as I sort out my maternity pants problem. I have NO pants and it is 30 degrees. And the pants I ordered a few weeks ago DID NOT FIT at all. And the new pants I was going to order are backordered until November.



  1. You always find the best goodies. Can't wait to see your "tease".

  2. Use a hairband -- loop it over your pants button, through the hole, and back around the button in a figure eight. WOrks like a dream! Love the tablecloth.

  3. Why does the whole pants problem make me giggle?! Anyway, wonderful pottery score!


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