Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello Tooth Fairy

On June 28, 2005, I spotted the signs of the first little pearly white tooth in my sweet little baby's mouth. (And I was blogging then!)
Yesterday, nearly 5 1/2 years later, that very same tooth fell out.

We had our very first visit from the tooth fairy! (She brought aqua sand. My first tooth fairy present was magic sand. Same deal, 28 years later.)

As you can imagine, this was a *very* big deal around here. :-)

In our other child news:
Miss Thing was weighed and measured at my 32 week appt last Monday and she is weighing in at a whopping 5.22 lbs already. I am pretty sure given my waddle this morning that she has doubled that in a week already, LOL.

We are 33 weeks today and barreling towards a new baby. Wooohoooo.

She is still quite stubbornly breech and I am seriously considering just scheduling the c-section*. Given everything we have been through I think I might agree with the OB that this is probably the best way to eliminate all of my anxieties about the "unknowns."

When considering childbirth, my little voice has said to me "someone has to be the statistic" and I CANNOT be that person again. While I know there is no 100% foolproof way to guarantee me a baby at the end of this, I am definitely weighing things in a way I never did with the Jack attack. (And PLEASE, if there is a God in Heaven, do not let me be another statistic.)

Despite all of that, knowing that she is likely 5 lbs already (and watching preemies on DHC that are half that size) has spurred me into motion on the baby prep front. She is certainly a "baby" in there now, and I realized we needed a car seat and diapers and bottles and so forth to be ready for her.

So. It is full on forward march on the baby front around here!

*If she doesn't turn I won't have a choice anyway. But I do have a choice about how far am I willing to go to try and get her to turn.


  1. I forgot to say how much I loved ALL of those projects your son made for Thanksgiving! LOVE Them! I did have a fav.. very hard to choose though.. the baby and papoose. :)

    I remember asking God why a friend has SOoO many trials in her family... many medical issues with every member through a short time. Car accidents, cancer jumping on the bed accidents more.... well last i heard they have a nurse now in their family. Their oldest daughter is now a nurse. Not sure what their next child, a son, is going to be.. but I do know he has the ablility to be a Doctor.
    .. .God gave me my trials.
    I feel much stronger for it.. still some trials i wish we could all skip. I hope I am not preachy sounding to you.. i suffer from being the oldest of the girls in my family.. always wanting to help.
    If I may I will pray for you and this beautiful baby that we have yet to see.

    With kindness,

  2. Sawyer was very stubborn. (Actually the OB called him "unstable.") He was breech, but miraculously turned on his own just weeks before he was born. I think it was when we went camping and the most uncomfortable place to sleep made him turn. I think his head was hitting a spring and he turned to get away from it. LOL

    Thankfully we avoided the C-section and the baby-turning-while-in-the-womb ordeal.

  3. Catch the Tooth Fairy in the act next time.

    Free with code: Fairy-Proof (a 10$ value)

  4. I say, schedule the C-section and see what happens in the meantime. Always good to have a back up plan.
    I know the scheduled induction date certainly helped speed up the arrival of miss thing who still does things the way she wants to.

  5. Congratulations Jack! That's a BIG event and a super fun one too!

    Did you know that doctors are now scheduling c-sections just for the convenience of it? I was amazed when I read it. Having gone through both a "normal" birth and an emergency C-section, I'd take the C-section ANY day! (Well, not the emergency part, but my C-section experience wasn't bad, and certainly beat all those hours of labor LOL!)

  6. My son (my third child) was breech at 36 weeks. My husband and I discussed it and decided to schedule a c-section at the next appointment. I was't thrilled about the surgery, but I was very excited to know that my due date would be moved up (I was OVER being pregnant at this point!)

    Anyway, the next week, the little bugger had turned (and more shocking to me--I didn't feel a thing). And he delivered vaginally--at 8.5 pounds, 9 days late!

    I'll keep you in my prayers. I'm sure everything is going to turn out just fine.

  7. I would go ahead and schedule a c-section. If she turns or you go into labor on your own, no big deal.

  8. I hope that you are feeling better. My daughter is 35 weeks and just found out yesterday that the baby turned sometime last week. My daughter has had many problems but things seem to be going ok for the minute. Best wishes to you


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