Saturday, November 06, 2010

I can't help...

I can't help falling in love with another quilt again.

I swear to you they wait for me. It is a FREEZING cold day here (30 degrees) and I didn't even get to the yard sale until 11 am. And there she was, lying on the driveway, waiting patiently.
How can you not love this?
It's actually a very soft lavendar color.
With green and aqua and pale yellow french knots.

And the sweetest scalloped edge.

I may not be able to buy an ornament to save my life, but man, can I buy quilts the past few years.

(And I think I might have stumbled on the "why". I read an antique selling message board from time to time and this past week a conversation came up about a chair. The consensus was there was no market for the chair, many of them end up in burn piles, etc. which led to someone in Missouri bringing up quilts. He said he used to buy every quilt he could find and turn them around on Ebay for upwards of $400. Now that the market has gone "soft" he feels lucky to get $40 for them, so he passes them all by. For ME the Ebay market is still pretty $$$$ pricey as a buyer compared to what I can buy them for locally, BUT it does make me happy the market there is "soft". I have a love/hate relationship with Ebay anyway. It does drive down the price on some goods and it seems to drive up the price of others. Grumble grumble.)


  1. Well good, I hope nobody around here wants quilts anymore so that I can finally find some! I recently took a quilt from my Mom that had been used in the past as a paint dropcloth. How could she let my Dad do that?! Were there no tarps way back when?
    Anyways, that's a very sweet quilt that you found!

  2. What a sweet quilt. I looks so soft and comfy. I haven't been quilt shopping in a while. I should start looking for some bargains now that Christmas is coming.


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