Saturday, November 06, 2010

Spread the word

With the holidays (and mega crafting time coming), you might need more glass glitter. I have ordered glass glitter from Meyer Imports before and this month they are offering a freebie - Every order gets a Free sample set of Vintage Spun Cotton and Plaster Mushrooms!

You can see the details on the special here .

Pssst, there's a freebie for blogging about it too. :-)


  1. Fun. But I'm not allowed to play with glitter anymore. We're still vacumming up from my last experiment with it 5 years ago. Although maybe this year, they'll let me play with it again.

  2. speaking of glitter. i found a skull at a yard sale for a dollar and want to cover it in glitter. how much do you think i need and what kind of glue? you can send me a link to a tute page if you know of one.


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