Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thanksgiving day parade of kindergarten crafts

Jack has been busy making a ton of Thanksgiving crafts at school the past two weeks!They had a pow wow party on Tuesday where they made vests, necklaces and headdresses.
There were lace up canoes.
A pilgrim.
An Indian.
A Pilgrim hat.
A tie dye turkey.
The obligatory hand print turkey.

And a papoose.

On this Thanksgiving I am thankful for:
The comfort of my grandparent's home, which is now 100% our own big home to fill with a growing family.
My crazy but wonderful kid.
My "always on the same page" hard working husband.
This wiggling baby I am carrying around with me.
My brother (a terrific cook) who makes the turkey so I don't have to do every single holiday anymore.
Time spent with my nieces and nephews.
And the reminder that even in this time of need for so many others that we have plenty. It might not be easy, but we certainly have more than enough. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!


  1. Jack's crafts ROCK! Happy Thanksgiving. Now, bring on the Christmas season!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Now that is a very "proud" face there, Mama. Great photos to remember these times. I still have the "obligatory" hand print turkey that my son made at about the same age. He is 33 now, and would most likely be embarrassed if he knew that his mother still has that framed hand and happily displays it every year. Tell Jack "great job, kiddo!"

  3. I believe we still have some pilgrim hats and handprint turkeys kicking around the house. I used to put them up until some people in their teens began to be embarrassed. (Which made it even more fun, but I relented.) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Sarah!

  4. So cute....just found your lovely blog...kindergarten crafts are the best...I know I am a K teacher! xoxoxo

    Off to poke around some more.

  5. Jack will just be the cutest big brother!!!!!!

    How is our baby doing???? Is Ms. Thang growing in leaps and bounds? No pun intended.

    Bless your little family!!!!!! :-)


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