Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This weird thing happens

Like many of you, I sit here in my chair and browse blogs every morning. And I find myself crazy jealous when I see the Christmas scores that ladies like Barbara and Linda are making.

And I start to wallow a bit.

Man! I haven't found any good Christmas junk this year, yadda yadda.

And then I decide to put up the Christmas tree, because let's be honest here, I am only getting more and more pregnant by the minute. So I start digging boxes out of the basement and boxes out of the closets...
and I rediscover all the really lovely stuff in those boxes.
At some point I realize that I have hung up 200 ornaments and have only emptied ONE of 6 huge boxes of Christmas ornaments.

And then I start to think that there is no way I could possibly get all of the ornaments up in any given year, no matter how dedicated to the cause I might be.

(I really did think this year I was going to be able to sort through the entire collection. But I am the only person I trust to touch those ornaments and someone is going to have to take them back OFF the tree. Even closer to the time when Miss Thing arrives. Uh huh. Crazy talk that.)

So then I realize that unlike my other collections - the pottery, the quilts, the tablecloths - I don't live with the ornaments in any way every day of the year. Which means that I am really not very "in touch" with how much (or what) that collection includes.

It's a little surprise hidden away in the closets that I get to rediscover every year.

But only partially.

The children will probably be in college before I discover that last prize at the bottom of the cereal box, if you know what I mean.

It's a good reminder to keep that green eyed monster in check.

Because really? She is crazy. She has more ornaments than she even knows hidden away in that closet!

It's also a good reminder to spend more time napping on the couch, basking in the glow of the lights and the sparkle of their wonderful vintage glitteriness.


  1. Even though I see ornaments a lot (and if I bubble-wrap one more to send I might lose my mind), it really is a treat to open the boxes of the ones that are just for us. It's what I have instead of jewelry, and they are always a surprise.

  2. It's so good to see that line: "I am only getting more and more pregnant by the minute" in your post.

    Sending warm wishes your way...I hope you continue to get "more and more pregnant" until the time is perfect to welcome your little one.

    p.s. your tree looks fantastic!

  3. Your tree is just divine. Can I admit I'm green with envy over your ornaments? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. or... you could have a giveaway.;)

  5. My husband says I have shoe, endtable, lamp, book and christmas ornament 'issues'. He tries to limit my purchases (no net shoe gain for instance). I started realizing he might have a point on the Christmas stuff....I'm proud to say I saw a few boxes of vintage ornaments in the original boxes for a complete steal one day and decided to leave it for someone else. I know I have enough and not eveything I have gets used. So, why have more? Besides, I need room for all those ornaments we grew up with that we adore too. And of course I have to leave room for the ornaments miss thing aquires and makes for us each year. And as she has gotten older, I've realized I can let her breathe on some of my precious vintage ornaments. Last year, when I was flat on my back recovering from surgery, she took advantage to show me she could hang them just as well as I could....
    This year I'm considering delegating the entire tree to her again. I spend 3 days on it, she can do it just as well in an afternoon. I still have to do the lights though...

  6. I think we all have a touch of that green eyed monster in us and sometimes forget to appreciate what we already have

  7. uh oh... i like your tree Sarah! It looks gorgeous being white with your beautiful ornaments...
    Lucky for me ~I will find great joy in gazing at Your tree. :)

    This is one exciting Christmas for all of you!


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