Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Being a brother

Jack made this sweet picture of him and his sister for me the other morning:
Aren't they cute?

Then he decided he needed a version 2.0:

Oh yes, his sister is "toot"ing.

LOL That boy!

I took down ALL of the Christmas stuff yesterday. I still need to wrap and store the vintage ornaments which are in a laundry basket in the sewing room, but every last bit of it is GONE.


The car seat is installed, diapers are purchased, her room is mostly finished (minus storage basket liners and a few more little quilts).

So, while the rest of you are organizing and purging and planning for a new year, I fully intend to spend the next 2.5 weeks just waiting for the baby.

And making my Valentines for the heart to heart swap. As soon as I decide what to make!

Perhaps I should go pull out some magazines for inspiration while I spend the rest of the holiday vacation wasting too many hours watching HGTV. :-)


  1. sweet drawings from jack. Good for you on your organization and nesting. I want to see more nursery pics...pretty please.

  2. Man, I have about a month more than you to go but I am so far behind. Thanks for the kick in the butt! I needed it!!!

  3. Sounds like you (and Jack) are all set - but you have arranged for someone to spread the word to the blog world, haven't you?

  4. Jack's pictures are just priceless!!!!! Don't kids just crack you up?
    Do I assume that as soon as you start having any pains or leakage of water ----- we will be the 2nd to know?????
    I am getting so excited to see this little precious female bundle.........Ms. Thang!

  5. Wait....did I miss the sign up for heart to heart?? I love that swap!

  6. I remember the past few years while you had tried and lost and gone through so much loss. And now you are just a couple weeks away from a new peanut! You've come a long way baby, and you've got a lot to be proud of (and I'm not just saying that because you're organized!!!!)


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