Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fixed the newel post

Today I am solving my nursery problem.

I am "fixing the newel post."
I am getting rid of the rug that has caused me to have an existential crisis.

Oh yes, I argued with Urban Outfitters for a month over that rug. I spent hours on the phone. I called 4 different states to get that rug.

And today, I am banishing it to the playroom. (Where it will work great!)
I tried to buy curtains that worked with it.

I waddled to 10 stores and bought many, many pairs of curtains (which now must all be returned) and I tried them all on the window.

I tried to make this work. I tried to buy orange or fuschia or turquoise or bold yellow. (The rug is much brighter/darker than the photos show.)

But, let's face it. I cannot make this work.
My bathroom is aqua and pink...
my french doors are aqua and pink...
my FRONT door is aqua and pink...

even the blankets strewn about my house are aqua and pink.

Trying to force myself out of my somewhat "shabby, cottagey, collected with love" box has caused me to question my need for a good therapist. (If only I were kidding! I suspect this nonsense is a manifestation of my fears about this baby's safety.)

I pride myself on my decisiveness. I see something, I fall in love, I buy it.

I do not buy 10 pairs of curtains for one window. I do not test paint colors. I do not buy and return things. I do not worry about these things.

Somehow the "see it, love it, buy it" method always comes together for me.

So today, I am banishing the bane of my existence. I am going to stop changing dust ruffles and stop trying to force the artwork to fit that damn rug. I am going to hang up the stuff I love and be FREE of it!

And then I am going to hope the cats don't puke all over that blasted rug while it lives in the playroom.


  1. Excellent decision my dear! I've had to do the same thing before and it feels good to finally be set free!!

  2. Whew. Sounds like you made a great decision. I'm praying the stress that consumed you is now far far away. Decorating a nursery should be fun. You have an excellent sense of style. By the way, your pink tulle wreath is divine.

  3. Matching is over-rated.

    But good to just let it go. Maybe it needed to be in the playroom all along?

  4. The rest of your house is beautiful, and I bet the nursery will be, too. Enjoy it ... you're free to be aqua and pink or whatever strikes your fancy.

  5. do you happen to know what color the aqua is on your door? we are moving into a new house and I want to paint the kitchen that color.


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