Thursday, December 23, 2010

I used to hate my OB

Back when I was pregnant with Jack I HATED this OB. Could not stand the man. But now that I have learned how to really communicate with him I think I love him. He doesn't care when I am bossy and he will go out of his way to make sure I am feeling comfortable with what is happening. Even if we do butt heads about everything. :-)

He took plenty of time to make sure EVERYTHING is a-okay with Miss Thing. Her cord is fine, her fluid is fine, she is still head down, and after another 20 minutes on the heart rate/contraction monitor she has been declared "classically reactive".

I have a tiny bit of cervical dilation, which is probably why I had the bleeding. (Which you can only see via u/s. Right, that u/s the hospital didn't bother doing.)

I am feeling much better about everything.

I've told him that I will not be returning that "treat and street ASAP" hospital again and he didn't even blink.


Bonus points to him for helping me find the dreidel that Jack has been asking for and is totally impossible to find in our county.

Now that I am back up off the couch, I have some work to do!

We are off to try and see the local light display before our family get together tomorrow.

I will be back tomorrow with my last vintage tree just in time before Santa arrives. :-)


  1. Glad that everything is A-OK!!

  2. Whew! The hospital does make all the difference. I switched not too long ago and I *love* my OBGYN so much Cliff was a bit jealous. Then he met him and he loves him just as much. The hospital he works at is great too. Makes everything so much easier when you have complete faith (or as close as possible) in your medical team. Go Miss Thing & family! EnJOY your holiday!

  3. Happy Happy Joy Joy Merry Merry and all that.

  4. So glad everything is fine!

    I have several extra dreidles! If you need another one, let me know! :D

  5. so glad you're all good -was thinking about you!
    happy christmas!

  6. Glad everything turned out okay! Was the problem hospital St. John's? I refused to have my girls at St. John's. Mo Bap was awesome!


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