Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

This picture may not look like much, but if you look hard you can see Jack lying on the floor just beyond this giant castle. He was so surprised to see it here that he actually fell on the floor. LOL

(And what a relief to this mama that was. About 2 weeks ago he started asking for a different, large, $$$ toy that I knew Santa wasn't going to provide. It was ALL he talked about. I was terrified he was going to ask where it was this morning!)
What toys Santa *did* choose seem to be a big hit, despite the fact there are no pricey electronics, no violent toys, no popular characters, etc. Lots of science toys and craft projects and toys to stretch his growing imagination and intellect. Yippee for that. (And I don't usually even think about that kind of stuff to be honest. I don't hate Thomas or anything like that. It was challenging to find toys that I thought a 6 year old with a big brain would actually use. I desperately do not want MORE "STUFF" that is just stuff.)
And it snowed! All day yesterday.
I ended up putting a little vintage tree in our room. I really wanted another big tree there, but I just have no energy for that. It was nice to have a little sparkle in that corner. (But I am ready to take it down, I want to put the baby's bassinet there.)

I used some of my antique tinsel garland on this one, which has the BEST mellow sparkle.

We decided several years ago to do our family get together on a day other than Christmas (usually Christmas Eve, but it was too snowy yesterday), and it is really nice to be able to stay in our jammies and let Jack play with everything he wants to for a whole day. It makes a nice stress free day.

Now it's time to put the green bean casserole in the oven!

P.S. I cannot believe it will be January next weekend. We are having a baby in January. Eeeek!


  1. Spending the whole day playing with toys, in your jammies, sounds like a really wonderful Christmas to me! You guys are definitely living the good life over there!
    Merry Christmas to you and your about to become bigger any minute now family!

  2. Jack's castle is fantastic. I love his excitement over this fabulous gift. Your vintage tree is just sweet. Happy soon-to-be New Year!

  3. Hi Sarah 'wow' Jack had the perfect reaction to his christmas gift. He is one cute little man.
    Good to read in your other posts that al is going ok with the baby. My daughter in law is now 7 days past her due we are waiting for the next little baby to arrive


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