Sunday, December 19, 2010

A million tiny putz houses

Time just keeps getting away from me! I thought we were well prepared for Christmas, but there was still the ham to buy, the drive through light display to see (still undone), the live tree for the play room to buy (and decorate, that makes tree #7 for me), etc. And Christmas is 5 days away!

I have been making slow but steady progress on the baby's room. And we have the car seat installed. And diapers in the house. That's something, right?

The second "tree" I put up was the putz house tree. I let Jack choose which tree to put in the foyer and he chose the houses. In previous years he has been ENTHRALLED by those little houses, nearly driving me to the crazy house constantly moving them around. This year? Eh. He hasn't even touched them.
One of these years I am going to buy enough rice lights to go under the "snow" (batting) so they can be lit up. I WISH, WISH, WISH that I had had Sparky (the electrician) put an outlet in that nook so I could plug things in on that table.

(And not the chandelier that has been sitting on the floor there forever. Someone from Craiglist came to buy it, and despite seeing photos of it and it being every color under the rainbow, he declared that it didn't match a damn thing in their house and he had no clue why his wife wanted it. So I still own it. Sigh.)
The houses speak for themselves I think.
Those little trees are actually dollhouse Christmas trees I bought in Chicago many moons ago. They have tiny spun cotton candles on them. Love.

Okay, off with me to put lights on the last tree. And make cushions for the rocking chair. And finish a doll bed pillow. And make Jack's Christmas pajamas.

Maybe I should just have a little nap first.


See you tomorrow with the "family jewels!"


  1. Wow~ I guess with youth comes energy? I applause you for all your wonderful decorations. And if we lived closer I could have my hubby help you with that light socket you need. I love the little houses great stuff. Have a very Happy Holiday. Hugs, Diane

  2. I love vintage Putz houses! You have such a great collection and they look wonderful the way you have displayed them. Love your yellow wall and aqua table, too!

  3. They do speak for themselves, and they say "We are awesome."

  4. I have been waiting for your putz post and it did not disappoint. You have a gorgeous collection.

  5. Love your Putz House tree, so cute.

  6. okay, you're killing me.

    first your amazing tree topper display - when we have NONE this year.

    now your putz houses. i spent some time on ebay trying to find at least the martha stewart frosty village kit with no luck.

    killing me!

  7. I just love this display! One day, when I have a bigger house, I may steal this idea. ;)


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