Tuesday, December 07, 2010

No going back now

It is entirely possible that I have watched too many hours of The Nate Show, but when I went to home depot to look at paint yesterday I chose grays.
And then I came home and stuck up 40 different colored gray paint chips in the baby's room.

I quickly discovered that there are two categories of gray - green gray and blue gray.

I chose a green gray and blue gray in nearly the same value and went and bought test pots this morning. (Even though I have NEVER used test pots in my life. I am a pick a paint and just paint it kind of girl. But this will be the third color in this room in less than a year. It's getting kind of ridiculous.)
This morning I painted big swatches on the walls, so there is no going back now! Green gray on the left here, blue gray on the right.
Opposite here - green on the right, blue on the left. (Never mind that big piece of art, it goes to the basement, it's a leftover from the playroom.)

And a test above the changing table too.

When I bought them I thought for sure the green was going to be the winner. But perhaps I like the blueish one better in the room.

I think a lot of you might be surprised that I am going in a direction that seems very "non- girly" when the rest of our house is so pink and fluffy in general. I am kind of surprised myself, but I am not the least bit interested in my usual super shabby chic in there. The little quilts are so beautiful (and feminine) and so full of many colors that I really want to be able to make them shine!

P.S. Of course I know a room for her is not a "necessity", but it happens to be something I enjoy doing. Jack started sleeping in his own room around 8 weeks, but Dave and I both find that a dedicated baby room was important. We knew exactly where to find his medicine, his clothes, his diapers, etc and we ALWAYS, ALWAYS change diapers on the changing table.

This time we have the added concern of having an already anxious 6 year old and I think that having her stuff in *her* space will help him not only understand that his entire life has not been taken over by her, but it will allow him to easily be a *helper*.

We ALL thrive on structure and routine here, and while there are many, many unknowns ahead of us, this allows us to have feeling of control. :-)


  1. I certainly can't help you pick a color, but I CAN tell you that you'll make a good choice, because you know I love all of the colors you used in the rest of the house! I still have all of those color names saved, just waiting for some ambition!

  2. Both colors are pretty, but I like the blue grey better. Don't you think it would go better with pinks and yellows than the green?

  3. I like the green gray, but really that's no surprise! Good luck deciding. I always thought that would be fun, but I don't like it at all. It's too much work!

  4. I love gray. I just recently painted my kitchen "Urban Sunrise" (I think) from Lowes. It looks great aganinst my white cabinets and trims. Not too dark either.

  5. I like the green gray better as well. Maybe because I know blue grey in large amounts can make a room seem chilly.

  6. Of course with a computer monitor who knows really, but I love the blue gray in the pic over the changing table. I think having a baby room as something to focus on in these last few weeks is really nice. Being creative and busy has always helped me through transition anxiety. Can't wait to see pictures of the room...and of course, Miss Thing herself!

  7. I prefer the blue grey, but then I like blues.

    I understand your reasoning on a dedicated room. We just never had that many rooms--moved from a 2-bedroom condo to a 2-bedroom house (other two bedrooms upstairs are not heated or ventilated). You're lucky to have all that space!

  8. I like the blue-gray better. I think its a clearer color and more likely to be compatible with lots of other colors in your quilts.... but saying that... I'd like to see them both at night. I'm afraid the green-gray will go really dark and thus make the room look like a cave at night.
    Good luck... I hate choosing colors. it takes forever for my husband and I to agree!

  9. Hi Sarah,
    I like both colors and the blue/gray can have a lavender-ish hue to it so that good. I really like all shades of gray so I'm sure you will be happy with your choice!

    Deanna :D


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