Monday, December 06, 2010

Oh, how I want to be blogging

I want to be blogging. I really do. But honestly, I am so tired. And there is so much to do. Between cooking 19 meals a day, driving an hour a day in carpool, trying to get ready for Christmas and trying to do baby stuff, wahhhhhhhh, kill me now please.

Today is 34 weeks AND our 7th wedding anniversary. (Which I didn't even buy a card for. And you know what I want? Someone to vacuum and clean toilets. Oh yea, high maintenance I am.)

In the meantime, here a few things I wanted to show you.
Jen sent the sweetest box for Miss Thing, including this little quilt for her quilt wall. I LOVE it. Thank you so much. And I am sure she will too. If we ever, you know, choose a name for her or something crazy like that. Oy.
I have been steadily plodding away at her room, one little piece at a time.

And I kind of HATE it in there. It's awful. Not lovely at all.
I tried hanging up some of the quilts (which are awesome), but I still feel no love.
I tested out some "patchwork" or sewing themed art. Still no love. (Although they will be very cute art eventually.)
And I still have the rocking chair re-do to finish.

I think we need to paint. The white is not doing it for me.

But I need your help. Send me links of cute baby rooms? You all probably have way more google-fu than I do right now. And I need something inspirational or I am going to just close the door to that room and forget it is part of the house soon.


It seemed so easy with Jack! And we were so well prepared. Even though he was an emergency birth a few weeks early we came home and everything was ready. With this baby I still don't even have a diaper in the house. It's always like this with the second baby right?


  1. Go to amazon and do a search for "Mary Engelbreit's Children's Companion". I own this book and it's filled with darling ways to decorate nurseries with vintage items. You can get a pretty good look using the previews on Amazon. Keep showing us pics. I've been wondering how you were doing. Thinking of you!!

  2. Yes! In my experience it's like that with the second (or third. or fourth) child. I saw this:,.jpg and fell in love with the pink and green. I saw another that added some yellow into the mix as well, but I like just the pink and green better.

  3. My moose (2nd one) didn't even have a room or bed until he was 4 months old or something like that? And then we ended up moving it into his brother's room anyhow. We pretty much had boobs, diapers, and leftovers from number 1 and that was it. *Shrug* I wasn't into the whole baby prep thing at all.

  4. My third babe was born in October - this is what we did with her room:

  5. A room all prepared for a baby's arrival? What's that?!! You may not be crazy about the way the room is looking right now, but just wait 'til the life of the party arrives! I know you care, but SHE won't for quite a few years. She's already got everything she needs in two great parents and an awesome big brother!

  6. I think the set up shown here looks just lovely. Just grab that box of diapers the next time you are at the stoer (or order from and I think you are good to go!!

  7. It will will come! I've never actually had a whole room for a baby nursery...too many kids. My 19 month old has a room that is his crib and my craft studio. Don't do much crafting in there, so it's mostly a throw all the junk in here room. I should be able to ship your package this week...sorry it has taken so long. Hopefully you can use the things I sent you. Keep your head up...she's almost here!

  8. I didn't get my daughter's room together until she was uhm, 18 months? And she's my only. I had diapers on hand and clothes, but I wanted an addition on our house first, so we got ourselves a new room and did hers after the fact.

    I wanted to know her first, you know? And I let her help pick out the color. I laid samples out and told her to tell me which one she liked better. Her room has evolved over the years and it's perfectly her. Her walls are pepto bismol pink. She has a leopard print rug she picked out when I was at Lowe's one day. (When I say picked out, I mean, her two year old self laid down and pitched a fit until I had it in my cart.) Her curtains are the only thing I didn't give her say so on - Pottery Barn.

    With everything else you have going on, you can let go of the baby room. She won't even notice.

  9. Anonymous6:10 PM

    some links you might like:

  10. Haha. My Baby #2 didn't even get a room! She just slept with us then went in her brother's. But now I'm making it nice for both of them. Which reminds me: I should post some pix. I will, then get back to you.

  11. Sarah,
    I love the room and how it is coming along. I'm loving that you are choosing to decorate with quilts and vintage - so refreshing! I think you are doing quite well. I love your blog - it is a daily favorite. Thank you for doing what you do. Don't get discouraged.

  12. I love those curtains. And the rug came, did it not? Isn't there a Flea Market Baby book? I seem to remember seeing one long after it would have been of any use to me. Also remember thinking the cover was exceptionally cute.


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