Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Problem child I am

I'm here. I had a very small amount of bleeding* last night around 11 pm which promptly FREAKED ME OUT. Maybe if I were a "regular" pregnant lady I would have ignored it and went to sleep.

Instead I called the OB.

Who sent us to labor & delivery.

We spent almost two hours there trying a million different things to get Miss Thing's little ticker tape to "be textbook." Which never happened. I really felt like the nurses were pushing to just send me home while the midwife was trying to get what she needed on that piece of paper to reassure her.

After some apple juice the midwife decided she was never going to get what she wanted and that Miss Thing was moving enough to send us home.

Of course she offered the usual reassurances "she's fine really. This is not unusual." Followed with "go home and lie on your side, because she seems happiest there."

Except that you and I both know that is LITTLE reassurance for me.

I have definitely noticed her moving less if I am sitting or standing. If I eat something she passes their 10 kicks/per hour test, but, well, blah blah blah.

I am slightly perturbed that they didn't ultrasound her to make sure her cord and placenta are still fine.

I tried to call the OB but they have weird holiday hours today and I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon, so, I will be here, lying on the couch, counting a moving baby all day and hoping there are no return visits to L&D between now and 2 pm tomorrow.

This is just about the exact same time that my pregnancy with Jack started to shoot down the pipeline to hell and last night my blood pressure was insanely high. (Which is what started the *real* panic with Jack.)

Did I mention how much I HATE the big baby factory here in St Louis? I wish I could make those people understand that for some of us this baby thing is a dark and scary road. We are more than just patient #103,408 of the day.


Anyway. Think of us? My little mommy voice isn't saying "OMG we are all going to die!!" but it isn't exactly saying "this is no big thing, go buy the wrapping paper" either.

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with word from the actual doctor I trust!

*Cause never determined.


  1. BIG hugs! I felt my blood pressure spike just reading that. I *hate* to wish time away, but right now I am wishing that time would simply FLY until your appointment.

  2. Prayers and positive thoughts flowing from West MI. Thinking of you BIG time!

  3. Sending a hug and prayers your way.

  4. Don't these things always happen on holidays and weekends? Hope you get some reassurance soon.

  5. Sending BIG HUGS from Texas


  6. I hope "we" have a big healthy baby on Christmas Day!!!!! We are all with you......feeling each kick and jerk!
    Taking a deep breath and sending you a huge blow of peaceful air!!!
    I am so excited for you all.

  7. I hate how the nurses never listen and think they know it all. One tried to send me home when I was in labor with number two...i had her 4 hours later. Keeping you in my thoughts... my sis is one that pregnancy and birth are a dark and scary place as well. I did just get to watch the c-section(photos on blog) of her second baby... everyone is fine now but baby spent almost a week in the nicu. Keep your eye on the prize:)merry christmas!!


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