Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tree toppers galore, for Barbara

How about some Christmas and no kids? Barbara insists I show it soon. :-) (Truth be told I am frustrated, frustrated by that nursery project. I CANNOT find what I want, everything is outrageously expensive and I just want to be done with it. Gah. I miss garage sale season! I am totally spoiled by never having to buy anything retail.)

Last year Laurie sent a box with tree toppers in it as a housewarming present for our new house. And much to my surprise when I was unpacking stuff this year I discovered that I had found quite a few of them myself this year and had been squirreling them away everywhere!
So I decided to put ALL the tree toppers on the mantel this year. Glass glitter ones, plastic ones, my favorite foil one, and all of the precious glass ones (both old and new). Because I didn't want some of my more special bottle brush trees to get lost in the shuffle, I put those in the cloches.
I stuck them in whatever was handy in the cupboard.
I also plopped the last two things I bought at the flea market this year up there too - cute vintage Santas!
I had to negotiate HARD to get those, but I was determined.

And just playing with the camera here. I need a Christmasy header!

Back tomorrow with more Christmas I think. :-)


  1. Love, love, love your tree toppers! I have a small collection, but nothing like yours.

    You know a great way to display is to take glass candle stick holders(I have a whole collection of those too), put a candle in each one and plop the tree topper over it. You get the sparkle of the candle holder and the tree topper stay secure too.

    BTW, I'm still working on a present or Miss Thing, but I swear, I don't know how you got to 35 weeks so quickly!!!

  2. What a great idea to display them all together!

  3. Your mantle is simply divine. Straight out of a magazine. You have such a good eye for displaying things.

  4. Barbara is happy :-) ! That is just a magical collection of tree toppers. And now, having fulfilled my wish, you can cross one more thing off your list!

  5. Nothing like tree toppers displayed in a big old group - looks awesome. Glad the toppers are adding some sparkle this holiday season.

  6. I'm so glad you shared this! Sarah, they're just gorgeous. I don't have as big a collection as you (around a dozen) but I've been stumped as to how to display them.

    Last year I tried candle holders but that wasn't ideal because some of the toppers' stems were too fat for the candle holders, and some were too skinny so they wouldn't stand upright. I've been trying to think of a "vintage" way to display them but striking out. I love how your display looks! I'm going to see what I can round up from my cupboards.

  7. Beautiful collection~ this year I didn't even bust mine out! Yours look great just the way you have them. Hugs, Diane

  8. Those tree toppers are gorgeous Sarah. What a wonderful collection!!!


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