Thursday, December 16, 2010

The woodland tree

I noticed a few of you mentioned our woodland tree on your own blogs (and wondered if we were doing it again this year), so I thought I would show you that tree first.

It was the first tree I put up. In the first week of November. (And BOY HOWDY am I ever glad I did this stuff then, it would NOT be happening right now.)
I used the woodland skirt I made a few years ago again. I know some of you wonder how on earth we can have fragile trees with kids and cats, but the trees here are generally screwed down to a table. This one is on an old typing table. (And each ornament is wired on.)
I tried to put away all of the woodland themed ornaments in one box the last time I did this tree so that putting it up again would be quick. (No hunting through 400 boxes for those ornaments.)
You don't just have to stick to gnomes or elves. I also put up cottages, fruit, nuts, berries...
mushrooms, toadstools...
acorns, pinecones...

birds, owls and more. There is even an antique potato on there!

This tree happens to be holding the ornaments that Jack is REALLY infatuated with this year - my very old birds. He loves their tails.

It's funny how every year it is something different that seems to capture his attention.

We have a "snow" day here today. (Ice really.) I am SO relieved to not have drive Jack back and forth to kindy today. But on the other hand, he has been up since well before dawn and it is only 8 30 am! I tried to plan ahead and buy some craft supplies for a craft he has been asking to do yesterday, but Michael's was totally sold out of what I needed and I couldn't walk anymore to go to Joanns.

It's going to be a long day!

Back tomorrow with the putz village. How can Christmas be next week already? (And who is going to put all this stuff away? LOLOLOL)


  1. I just adore your woodland tree. I have my own this year and think of your special tree when I look at mine. I ended up putting my feather tree and all its goodies on top of our china hutch because I didn't trust Josie or the cat.

    Best wishes with crafting today and Jack. Can't wait to see your putz houses.

  2. Hi sweetie! I love your Woodland tree. So whimsical and lovely. I'm still decorating so I have decided to leave my Christmas decor up until the end of January....I'm!

    Deanna :D

  3. It's gorgeous! My house is decorated this year but with as much care as usual. I love your mantel!

  4. Oh my goodness Sarah!! I can't believe it has been so long since I visited! You're pregnant and expecting a little girl! How exciting!! Have a wonderful Christmas. I'm bookmarking you this time!

  5. It's beautiful. What an incredible collection of ornaments. I have to agree with Jack, the birds are always my favorites. My kids love them, too. The debate over who gets to put up each bird. We have all species and varieties, new and old. They love them all. Maybe it will stick with Jack they way it has with mine.


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