Monday, January 03, 2011

Rocking chair - from scary to sweet

First, if you have emailed about the swap, do not panic! I have to create a group file so I can just email everyone at once and that is taking me a little time. I have a bit of a headcold which was making me dizzy and as my time carrying my gigantic Miss Thing around is winding down I am just plain winded, weak and exhausted. 38 weeks today!
Near Labor Day, Dave and I went on one of our 100 mile yard sale things and I found this rocking chair. (I tried REALLY hard to buy everything for this baby second hand.) It was god awful ugly, but I like the rocking mechanism (hate those gliders!), and it was less than $10.

I had already picked up a super cute vintage chenille blanket first thing that morning and I thought I could just paint it, cover the cushions and be good to go.
Except when I washed those horrible 1980's cushions they sort of EXPLODED in the washer. (And nearly ruined my brand new washer. There were tears.)

So in early August I painted it white and decided I would buy some foam when it went on sale. (Foam is so expensive!)

I finally bought foam just before Christmas and while we have all been at home on Christmas break I cut and covered the foam and made a new skirt for it.

It turned out better than I had imagined. Even Jack said "this is the best chair in the house!"
On New Year's Eve it was a wild 70 degrees here. I thought the three cats looking out the window was just a cute photo worth taking. That is actually grandpa's "feral" cat in the middle. She was SO tiny when we took her in and wild as an old wet hen, but now I can't remember life without her. I think the whole baby thing is going to be hard on her, since she is my lap cat and unlike the other cats, she has never been around a noisy, screaming, fur pulling baby.

I am desperately trying to finish making the basket liners for the nursery (too freaking big to get close enough to the counter to cut the fabric, sigh), and I thought the mess of tiny pink socks and pretty little blankets and bits of shabby sheets was too pretty.

Now if I could just start winding the clock a little faster. Time is starting to slow down a bit too much!


  1. Your rocker turned out so well..despite the damage to the washing machine. It's so shabby elegant. Your cats are going to have fun with new baby noises...hee hee.

  2. Great job on the rocker. Such a shame about the cushions and the washing machine.
    Can't believe it is nearly time for your Princess to arrive

  3. Super cute rocker! You did an excellent job!

  4. You are such an inspiration.. that chair is amazing! Love the matching cats. Can't wait to see the baby. xo

  5. Very pretty Sarah! Looks like you're getting ready. And don't worry about time -- it might be slow for the next two weeks, but after Ms. Thang arrives, it will resume it's normal warp speed!

  6. 38 weeks today! Congratulations - what an accomplishment mama! Which reminds me I have something to put in the mail to you...hmmm. The rocker looks fab, as does almost everything you make. Go you! I'm rooting for you as the countdown continues!

  7. That photo of your kitty's is so cute & funny :) I love how the 3 are all matching & lined up :)


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