Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I saw these bookends on a blog and was DETERMINED to find them. It took two different Target stores and one email to their help line to find them, but find them I did. (And they are on clearance already at my store, just in case you also become possessed by the need to find them.)
The first minute I saw them I knew they wanted to be pink. So, as proof that you can paint anything (even super heavy, very slick book ends)...
I painted them pink.

And now they are wonderful.

*Should you also become possessed by the need to paint something like this - use spray paint, go very slow and apply a LOT of thin coats with PLENTY of drying time in between coats. I have one bubble from crying baby rushing!


  1. Every single time I see something cute from Target on another blog, by the time I get there, it's long gone. So I won't even try to get these. I'll just admire how cute yours look, painted pink!

  2. I saw those over the weekend, and wondered if I needed them. LOL I LOVE how you painted them pink!

  3. Much better now! And thanks for the reminder to go slow with thin coats. I tend to want to spray once and be done. An impatient painter, I am.

  4. AH! I think I must have this! And you say they're on clearance at Target, right? Because they don't seem to be online, which makes me want to get to Target ASAP!

  5. These are great! Due to my unexpected kitchen remodel I've had to cut all spending on anything other than food or bills! Blah! Hugs to the kids!

  6. ooooh they are adorable! Kind of want some too:)


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