Wednesday, April 20, 2011

100th day

My Dearest Sweet Cheeks,

Today you are 100 days old! Someone on Facebook told me that babies start to really mellow out around 100 days. Now, I am not sure if that is true or not, but there are some exciting things happening around here.
We've said goodbye to:
the bassinet
the borrowed swing
and the swaddle
We've said hello to:
funny faces
your toes!
grasping toys on the play gym (and never letting go. You can get hold of it but you can't seem to figure out the let go part just yet.)
food. Lots and lots of food. Non stop food. You had four bottles in one day PLUS plenty of breastfeeding.
the cats! You've finally noticed the big furry beasts.
the beginning of what I am fairly certain are going to be big brown eyes. They get darker every day.
And here we are. 100 days in we are all madly in love with you. Your brother asks me at least once a week when we are going to have more babies. We also have conversations that go like this:
Mom, why is Sammi's skin so soft?
It's new.
Your skin is soft too. Except on your shins. (Ha, hairy legged mama!)

As for me, I feel particularly blessed to have you.

Love you baby girl.


  1. Happy 100th day Sammi!! You are so stinkin cute!!!!!
    I have to look away or baby fever is going to sweep over me :)

  2. My goodness, she is cute! It's adorable that Jack's so taken with her.

  3. Barbara took the words outta my mouth!!!

    Sammi is the cutest baby girl!

  4. Just wait till she sees how creative her momma is! I think if my pantry looked that good, I would have Miss Sammi's appetite and never leave that room either! So cute. Darling quizical face...planning already!

  5. Anonymous3:35 PM

    I love the expression in the second photo. Now, where have we seen that before? Oh, yeah, on big brother. Too cute!--thissideofgaudy

  6. She is just gorgeous, and her face in the second photo is priceless! xxx


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