Monday, April 04, 2011

12 weeks

Sweet cheeks Sammi is twelve weeks old today!

At twelve weeks you:
* laugh when I sing "junebug, junebug, what do you see? I see a junebug looking at me!"
* sleep through the night
* have a tendency to freak out in the car
* like to mimic (talk) with daddy just before bed every night
* hate the bath (how can you hate swimming in the fancy tub with mama!?)
* have relearned how to use a bottle (mama is very happy she will be able to see bon jovi after all)
* are a mama's girl through and through
* still happy to cruise around town in the sling
* quite the finger sucker
* starting to grasp blankets (and shirts!)
* watching every move we make VERY closely
* the apple of your brother's eye (and he yours)
* in love with your bouncy chair toys
* still the loveliest little girl we have ever laid eyes on.

Love you baby girl.


  1. omg she is sooo cute! such a good girl to sleep through the night all ready:)

  2. What an adorable picture of an adorable baby. :)

  3. 12 weeks already, wow! She's such a cutie!

  4. Our daughter was the only one of 3 that slept through the night. We always promised her we would buy her a car for that great gift of sleep that she gave us. She is still a great sleeper. are such a sweet girl!

  5. She is so lovely! Is she going to have the same red hair as Jack? I seem to recall his was more clearly red by now.


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