Thursday, April 14, 2011

16 months later

We did a MASSIVE amount of work on this house in a super short period of time. Completely gutted and remodeled in about 3.5 months, from top to bottom.

But there were a few things that never got done.

We've been slowly ticking them off the list as spring starts to arrive.

We finally have:
paint on the inside of the front door (I went with yellow after seeing that yellow door I showed you a few weeks back on another blog);
screen doors!;
a cheap swingset for the kids (still waiting to build the "fort" with that blue slide you see in the yard, but this will work for now);
door knobs! (vintage glass with retrofit kits from ebay, it's kind of hard to live without door knobs for so long);

and a house number (not perfect, but it will work just fine until I find "perfect").

Too bad the "crap I want to do to the house" list never is actually finished!


  1. Everything looks great! There are SO SO SO many things I want to do to this house, we just don't have any extra funds for it right now. The kitchen & bathroom are still from 1962. And all the doors are those nasty, hollow, wood veneer things where the wood started peeling. Paint wouldnt even help the kitchen cabinets. They make the kitchen look dirty, even when it's clean! And 3 years with no dish washer is getting old!!

  2. I love the doorknobs! I had no idea you could get retrofit kits to make them work on new doors. Wish I'd known back on Saturday when there was a basket full of old glass knobs at an estate sale!

    This house will never be finished. Ever. I've given up hoping it will ever be so.

  3. Welcome to home ownership.

    It looks great.

  4. Consider yourself lucky. We've owned our house for 10+ years and some of our doors still don't have doorknobs. In fact, one bedroom still doesn't have a door.

  5. Nice to know about retro fit kits for door the yellow door!

  6. Very nice, thanks for the information.

  7. we just painted the front hallway yellow and need to paint the inside of the door. wonder if yellow would work for us, too? (outside is blue, but a dark blue.)
    love the vintage knobs! slowly we are cleaning up our interior door hinges and replacing mismatching knobs, but the list is never-ending.
    looks great at your place!

  8. I can't imagine living without doorknobs! It's the little things that make such a difference! :) I love everything you've done and it's been fun to see pictures of the progress.


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