Monday, April 25, 2011

Enabling and Conversations

For someone who really likes to sew, I buy very, very little new fabric. Most of my stuff is old stuff I cut up (clothes, sheets, blankets) or thrifted fabric. But lately I have gone hog wild over some of the fabric in the fabric stores. (And I've bought myself a few sewing books too, once I discovered that our new Joanns will let me use coupons on books! And umm, new scissors and a bias tape maker. No garage sales? I will console myself at Joanns.)

So, shall I be an enabler for a moment?
The color is not very good here (it JUST KEEPS RAINING), but these toadstools fabrics are purely awesome. Lavender and red! Love. Cannot wait to make something swell for Sammi. These are from Hancock.
By now everyone knows there is Denyse Schmidt fabric at Joann, right? I nearly wiped them out of this print. I bought a LOT of it. (Thank you coupon Gods.)

And I bought more than a little taste of every other print they had that I loved.

They also have some really, really love white fabrics white now. The paisley I used in the laundry, a white pin tuck, a white eyelet. I've been acquiring quite a little stash of those too.

So, when I was buying the ds quilts fabric the lady in line behind me kind of snorted and said "well, those are old fashioned." Ha! That's why I love them lady.

Other conversations this week:
Random lady in the fabric store, "wow, that baby sure is spoiled from you carrying her around all the time like that." Sigh, that's right lady, she is spoiled from my taking care of her.

Jack - "Mom, why is Sammi's skin so soft?" "Her skin is new." "Oh. Yours is soft too. Except on your shins. Prickly shins. Mine is only soft if I wash with soap." LOL

Jack - "Mom, if we had twins we would have to get another mom." "Why?" "Because you only have two 'pimples'. Oh, wait. You could breastfeed one and pump bottles for the other one." LOL. Pimples!

Jack was doing his homework and the "bonus" question was to write 5 problems with a sum of 5. He does the usual - 3+2, 4+1, and then he says "mom, do 'points' count?" "What points Jack?" "You know, 2 point 5 plus 2 point 5."

That's my smart boy. We are still waiting on his gifted test results. I am pondering having the school see if he can test out of the first grade and into the second grade. I feel like kindy was a nice, gentle (much needed) intro to school, but now he needs a challenge. Anyone have kids skip a grade? Thoughts?

Ruh roh, that "spoiled baby" is calling me again, so off with me.


  1. re the "spoiled" comment... what are you supposed to do? Drag her around on a travois? Geez.

    Love the old-fashioned fabric too! I MUST get my decluttering done soon so I can start quilting again!

  2. I once interviewed someone to babysit my baby who told me she was 'spoiled' because she was clearly held too much. Needless to say, she didn't become my babysitter.

    There are a few kids in my daughter's class who have skipped a grade. I can't speak for the boys, but I know the girls do lag behind a little bit socially.

  3. my friend had the opportunity to skip a grade for her daughter, my friend's mom is a first grade teacher and she was highly against it, she explained as her granddaughter being a big fish in a little pond to a little fish in a big pond. She suggested just challenging her granddaughter more at home. My friend lucked out though her daughter has teachers who see her potential and challenge/encourage her at school as well.

  4. Having taught myself, I agree with not skipping a grade. Gina too is in the process of testing for the "gifted" program at her school. I am excited for her, but am also concerned the expectations set for her. I agree with the comment about big fish in a small pond, I think the confidence gained helps them socially and academically.

  5. I have a friend whose daughter is slated to skip a year. Her private school encouraged her parents to skip and then to take a "gap" year at the end of HS before going to college. This way she can mature a bit, work or take a few classes before heading in all the way. Apparently it's pretty common now and better colleges are in favor of it.

    Of course, if you weren't "spoiling" him with so much conversation and learning, you wouldn't have this problem....LOL. People are idiots!

  6. Well, I have two thoughts on if he doesn't he will get bored quickly and never find the thrill in achieving by being pushed academically. Two he will always be just a bit behind maturity wise if he is pushed ahead. This doesn't show until middle to high school when it becomes very evident. Having had 3 kids and one at each level. I have seen it all. Go with your gut. Looking back I wish I could have carried my children every second of their babyhood...eventually they learn to walk and go to school. How can you honestly spoil a child with love? Nosey old lady...I think that Jack needs a great enrichment teacher....smiles...Renee.

  7. Being an early childhood educator - here's a thought or maybe a quick comeback to people when they snarl about a baby being *spoiled* - babies are NOT food!!! Food spoils, people do not! If your baby feels more secure being close to you - then that's what you do to make her feel SAFE!!!

    Great fabrics too!!! I love old fashioned looking fabrics! I was able to score some pretty vintage sheets from our St. Vincent DePaul (second hand) store this weekend! Going to use most of them for quilt backings!

  8. Poor snotty lady. Her mother probably didn't carry her enough! (I know, I'm snarky.)

    I know that skipping a grade usually is not recommended for boys because of the social development thing. I forget when Jack's birthday is, but can depend on how much older they will be. He sure is smart, though!

  9. First -- the fabrics! Love me some toadstools. I am trying to stick to a fabric diet as I have lots piled up, but it's tempting! Our local sewing center just expanded and I'm afraid to go in.

    Re: school: I think skipping first grade is infinitely better than skipping later, say, middle school. I knew a kid who skipped fourth grade and she never felt right after that. Many kids skip kindergarten, especially if they have been to preschool. In Denmark (where my husband's from), they don't start formal education until age 7, because that's when kids are primed for all that kind of learning. If Jack is socially able to hang with first graders this year, it shouldn't be a problem. My sister did it. And I know there are the usual warnings about boys versus girls, but children are individuals. I see a bigger problem with boys who are held back to promote social growth than I do with boys who are prodded to stretch themselves socially. Lots of time kids who have social problems have parents who are not helpful at shaping their social skills, and no number of years at home will make up for that.

    I'd say don't worry about his chronological age. Visit a first grade and second grade classroom without him. Watch the kids interacting. See where you think he'll fit in intellectually and socially. Go with your instincts. There's no one size fits all.


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