Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finished. And science too.

I clearly remember a point in Jack's infancy where I became DESPERATE to make things. To do something that had a finite end, a real result, when the demands of mothering a tiny baby seemed to be a thankless job with no end and no results in sight.

I have hit the same wall with Sammi right now. There is just so much crying and walking and rocking and shushing and feeding and diaper changing and so little else*. I am driven to make things, to decorate something, to have a project with a satisfying result.
So, I already repainted that big yellow turd of a chair. It's lovely in blue. And comfy too.
Now if I could find another rocker we could get that plastic one off the porch. Clearly I need to "cute up" my porch a little!
Usually David is the one who does a bedtime story with Jack, but because I am so ready for time away from Sammi come 7 pm, I have been doing a portion of it. The other night I was choosing a book when I spotted this one on the bookshelf, something I picked up for him at a garage sale years ago because I remembered loving it myself as a child.

One of the best parts are the illustrations of what you see when you would look in the microscope.

It has definitely sparked an interest in his microscope and he has asked to play with it after school today. I got it out this morning and to my disappointment I remembered how much I HATE toy microscopes. So I have been busy scouting a real student microscope for us on Amazon.

Ahh, the joys of having a biologist for a mother. :-)

With that, the baby is crying. Again. (And I have already stopped writing this twice!)

* I don't want that to be misinterpreted. But one of my least favorite parts of the mothering job is when they are dependent on me 110% for months on end. I remember with great joy those moments when Jack was able to do even little things for himself - pick up a cheerio with his tiny pincer grasp, roll over, be entertained by the cat. Sammi is a lovely baby, but watching them grow and become really is what exciting to me about motherhood.

And I know most of you would disagree as most people seem to love the blobby baby stage. :-)


  1. No. While I love the sweetness of the baby blob stage and there parts of it I miss, it can be tedious. (Which is why we stopped at one child.)
    For the longest time, I thought her best trick was learning to hold her own bottle (She's always been fiercely independent), but then that was replaced by being able to feed herself, some potty training milestones, making coffee in the morning before waking us up....
    Watching them become really is the best part.

  2. Not so much me, either. I always loved them, but I liked them more each year when they were thinking and talking and doing things. (With possible exceptions for certain of the teenage years.)

  3. I am with you. Love to watch them grow into themselves. My kids had flashcards and books galore. Our middle child wanted a rock tumbler one year for Christmas...not much on the toy science crud either. Love the color that you painted.

  4. I agree--they are so much more interesting when they can talk and play with you! But as my sister says: each stages has its pluses and minuses.

  5. @Becky: Wow. I can't wait to teach my kids to make coffee before they wake me up!


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