Sunday, April 03, 2011

Flea Market Sunday

Hi there. It's been a particularly shitastic week here. It included: a ride in the ambulance to the ER for David, a baby who wouldn't eat and wouldn't sleep more than 20 minutes at a time, a little boy who decided it was way too stressful here and freaked out for more than an hour in the yard complete with hitting and yelling and cursing, one house that became a total pigsty in the process and one mama who is just, well, stressed to the limit.

I am relieved that week is over.

I am looking forward to a bright shiny new week. Complete with a vaccuumed floor. (No time for mopping though. It's the little things right now.)

I got us all up early and trotted us off to the flea market before it turned to 90 degrees. (And yes, we did have snow earlier this week.)

I picked up:
some vintage patterns for Sammi (I am going to sew again, I am going to sew again);
a piece of mercury glass (new import I think);
a wonderful old soup tureen (?);
and a quilt. Oh yes, the quilts are still coming to me.
Those little squares are postage stamp sized, 1 inch square.

And every single bit of it is fabulous. It's already hanging on the living room wall.

Now I am off to try and clip a coupon or twelve while Sammi is sleeping.

And take a few deep breaths. Too much stress. Too much stress.

Back soon.


  1. I am wishing for a brighter week for you friend! I had good juju at the garage sales this weekened too. look for my post around Tuesday...lots of love!

  2. Gorgeous quilt!

    Deep breaths! Everything will be fine!

    Wishing you a better week!

  3. Wishing for a better week ahead. HUGS!!

  4. I am just back online after a total computer failure which led to awful withdrawal symptoms from no email or internet access! So glad to be back and checking in. Obviously he must be okay or you would have said more, but what happened with David? Poor Jack too; he seems to be sensitive to all the goings on. I hope he is feeling much better now. Oh, and please send some of your warm weather my direction, it has been really cold here for all except one afternoon this week just to try and fool us that it is supposed to be spring. If you don't recognize the name, it is because I found out that there is a real "cedar rose cottage" and some business stuff too with the same name, and I just didn't want any trouble. Mom picked it out and it never fit me anyway, so I am going to try to start again with a clean slate and new name. Fits me better too, I think. Take care, sweetie, and I hope this next week is much better for all of you.

  5. OhMyGosh. You're a fantastic quilt magnet. They always seem to find you! I'm currently making a similar pattern and I LOVE the cute little pink square in your quilt. Great Find!

    Sorry to hear about your crappy week. I'm blaming it on March. And now that it's gone, this week is sure to be better!

  6. Hah! I am all over the new word. I have had those weeks "shitastic" more than I would like. Love those patterns and that quilt is gorgeous. I would spend hours going over every inch of the fabric(s). Yes you will sew again and soon. Trust me at least you can pick them up and put them in time out now, mine just back talk and walk away! Teenagers are like toddlers with mouths of stupidity...smiles...Renee


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