Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flea Market Sunday

It's hot this week at the flea. Boiling hot. 90 degrees. Ugh. Must order sunscreen for the kids STAT.

The junk was pretty good this morning though.
I go through phases of loving white linens and finding them dreadfully boring. I think I loved them because it is darn hot already! This tablecloth has darling clovers on it.
And this tablecloth has a sweet scalloped edge.

I think I might use them to cover pillows for the living room. (They are smallish and not in the greatest condition.)
Never mind that this rocker looks like a bright yellow potty chair right now. Those little beads on the back sold me. There was a stair basket with those little beads on it too, and I would have scooped that right up except my only stairs are basement stairs. Once I paint it blue (or maybe a softer yellow...hmmmm...) and put a cushion on it I can rock Sammi on the front porch in the shade. (Our backyard is dreadfully sunny.)
I took a pass on this 1940's sock doll the first time because it was priced at $4. I went back for it. It's really dirty though and the feet have cardboard in them and it MUST go in the washer. Here's hoping it survives it's bath.
Dave picked up this DARLING vintage outfit for Sammi.
Some books for the kids. I loved the kindergarten one when I was small. I will be reading it with Jack today.

And a big white piece of pottery. (As if I need more of that! LOL)

What I left behind this week - an AWESOME vintage giraffe ride on toy. At $15 it was just too rich for something to let the kids play with.

Okay, off with me. Dave is planting my lily of the valley and my input is required. Happy Sunday to you all.

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  1. Can't wait to see Sammi in that sunsuit this summer! And that vase is just dreamy.....


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