Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flea Market Sunday

A little bit chilly this morning, and the pickings were really slim until the last booth.
A tiny tin chick (this woman SWORE there was a set of three of them and she spent a good 20 minutes looking for it's mates before deciding to sell me the one. I am guessing the others grew legs, if you know what I mean.);
A little pink jug that doesn't look very pink here;
a gaggle of vintage reflectors;
a herd of old birds that have already visit my repair shop to get new feet and tails and for other minor repairs;
a small aqua wool coat, which is a little moth eaten, but the color is really yummy and I am thinking it might make a great little stuffed animal...

sweet little details. Too bad it really isn't suitable for wearing anymore!

Sammi is calling. Loudly. Off with me or off with my head!

Happy Sunday.


  1. I love in southern Illinois, where do you go to your flea market at?

  2. Another thing I can't figure out why they stopped making...reflectors...they are so craft worthy...Love that coat. Renee

  3. Love your new laundry room! But, are you sure that the sweet, little coat wouldn't look cute hanging on a little, white lace hanger in the laundry room?? Thanks for sharing your creativity!


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