Thursday, April 21, 2011

Frugal Friday - It never hurts to ask

First let me say that I woke up the sweetest note from a new blog reader this morning. Despite blogging for 6+ years at this point, I still really enjoy hearing from you! That little note completely made my morning on a day that promises to be full of grocery store and target chaos and not much fun.

Second, I know it's Thursday, but tomorrow is a day off for everyone around here and I don't anticipate checking back in again until the children are wearing their bunny ears. :-)

So, I needed a rug for the living room. And quickly. We kept bonking Sammi's little head putting her in her play gym and she needs to practice rolling over somewhere safe. I looked at a few places but it is shockingly hard for me to find rugs that work in our house. (Oh yes, let us not forget that debacle with Sammi's rug.)

Dave and I spotted this one at Homegoods and figured it would work. Flowery, colors are right, thick enough, not too modern and not too classic.

It was already on sale (from $300 to $200), but there was a flaw near the edge. So we rounded up some Homegoods employees and very sweetly asked if it could be further discounted when we pointed out the flaw. Off the manager went. And then he came back and took another $50 off the rug. Still pricey at $150, but, it is a HUGE rug, so it's actually a fair price.

When we were building the house I spotted this light fixture on the clearance cart at Lowes. It was a special order returned and marked from $300 to $126. I picked it up, admired it, then loudly (accidentally) exclaimed it was priced too high. An employee heard me and said "I will sell it to you for $10." Me, "Wha? SOLD!"

It was a good reminder to me to always ask for a discount. It never hurts! I have successfully negotiated discounts at hardware stores (both Lowes and Home Depot), Target (their limit is 10%, no matter who you ask), and Homegoods on several occassions.

If you want to test your bargaining feet:
try the hardware store first, they seem to be the easiest and the most random
be sweet! you catch more flies with honey
have a price in mind and be willing to walk away, it's a lot like the flea market
remember that once you buy it marked down like that it will be an as is sale, you are the owner no matter what
enjoy the extra money in your pocket!

Now, I am off to work some coupon magic for Easter dinner. Happy Thursday to you!


  1. That bathroom light fixture is AMAZING!! You are the queen of negotiation. Happy Easter!

  2. I always ask if that is the best price. My kids get embarassed sometimes, but they always enjoy the ice cream we eat on the extra cash in both the fixture and the rug! You have fantastic taste. Renee

  3. I've heard before that Home Depot also marks their lighting down to crazy low prices. I have a hard time ever EVER paying full price for anything. Will this also work at the gas station? You try it first, and then let us know!

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