Monday, April 18, 2011

Making for Easter

When I agreed to do Shara's egg swap again this year I do NOT know what I was thinking. I started to panic a little at the thought of trying to make eggs and juggle the kids. So, when I spotted some foiled eggs at Homegoods I knew they were going to be my answer.

I just added some Martha Stewart adhesive ribbon around the middle (the ribbons are plaid), a Martha monogram sticker for each participant and switched out the fishing line hanger for a prettier ribbon.

And actually? I REALLY liked them. If I could have found more of those eggs at Homegoods I would made one for each of us.

I also managed to make a bunny for Sammi for her basket. (Which, ummm, I only realized she *needed* a basket a few weeks ago. Because OF COURSE the Easter bunny will bring her something too. Thanks for that little reminder Jack. LOL) I used this tutorial and a slightly faded baby romper I bought at Goodwill.

Which I cannot show you a photo of because my computer totally died last week.

We broke down and bought a new one for me yesterday because I was going insane. I spend so much time nursing and nursing is my only surfing time!

With that I am off to finish Jack's bunny gift.

And change my shirt. I smell like baby puke. BLECH.


  1. Very pretty egg. I'd love to see more pictures of your Easter tree...pretty please!

  2. Love the eggs and the bunny is adorable! I love your use of cut ebaby clothes as fabric :)

  3. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I found some foil eggs at Walmart. They are a dozen in the package and just screaming to be decorated!


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