Saturday, April 16, 2011

Need a paper hanger?

I hung that vintage wallpaper in the laundry room this week. And first let me say this - if you are going to hang vintage wallpaper, do not consult your fairweather friend Dr Google. He will fill you full of lies! He will go on and on about you had better hire a professional right now as housewives should never, ever entertain the thought of hanging precious, fragile vintage wallpaper.

But ladies, if I can do it*, so can you.
And I am IN LOVE. Completely, utterly, hopelessly crazy about that wallpaper.
From a tiny, really bad photo on ebay to the most glorious thing in my house.
I want to wallpaper the whole house.

I want to marry the wallpaper.
I also bought myself a new shaggy rug in the most perfect aqua color at Homegoods. I swear this thing is made from dryer sheets.

And this. Well, this is almost as good as the wallpaper. One of those coveted french wire laundry baskets. Do you know how long it has been on my flea market wish list? Every other time I have seen one I have promptly been told it is NOT for sale.

And I found it at the flea. It was painted a horrible orange color and I nearly overlooked it. I lined it with this wonderful paisley eyelet fabric.

My laundry room? Serious love right now.

And just because I find this part interesting, here are some money stats on this room:
The green quilt cabinet was a yard sale find, $15
Blue dresser, yard sale find, $30, covered with free glidden paint
The pink glass knob rack, yard sale find, $1
Wallpaper, ebay, $15
Wire laundry basket, flea market, $20
Fabric to line it, Joanns (WITH coupon, it was pricey), $20
Shaggy rug, Homegoods, $20
Door mat, antique store, $10
IKEA chandy, $40
Iron birdy key holder, garage sale, $1
Mail sorter, thrift store, $8
Aprons part of the collection
The mercury glass is from Ikea and a yard sale (price long forgotten)
Basket from my dad
The clock was my grandparents

I easily have less than $200 in the entire laundry room, including my storage on the other side and my apple crate trash can.

*It was challenging. The paper does really want to tear since it isn't vinyl. But apparently I love a good challenge, as no curse words were wasted in the making of the laundry room!


  1. Your laundry room is glorious eye candy. I can't imagine any good wallpapering experience and you make it sound effortless. Your chandelier adds a lovely touch too. Beautiful room, Sarah.

  2. Serious laundry room envy it!

  3. Wow Sarah, it's gorgeous! Love, love, LOVE!

  4. Totally fabulous.

  5. I covet your laundry room!!! I can only dream of having a laundry room as beautiful as yours! Our's is home to our afghan dog, and the back enterance to the chicken barn!!! So needless to say - I will be DREAMING of YOURS!!!! Job well done!

  6. what a great room! you did an amazing job. I do not have the fortitude to hang wallpaper so I am very impressed! And a french laundry basket for $20? You rock!

  7. I am stunned that you got those to match up so well. Gorgeous. The eyelet lace on the basket is darling. Every touch is perfect. Renee

  8. beautiful! the wallpaper and the wire basket...I think I might even *want* to do laundry if I had your laundry room!

  9. That's the most beautiful laundry room I've ever seen. Once again, a magazine-worthy effort!

  10. It looks fantastic. Love that paper, too! And, your run down of the moneys involved -- I always enjoy seeing others' scores.

    Maybe someday I'll have the courage to wallpaper with some of the cool vintage paper I've scored in the past year. I'm hoping to work on our vintage Argosy camper this summer -- a good place to start, I think.

    ~ Jennifer


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