Tuesday, April 19, 2011


After I made the laundry room all fancy it's next door neighbor, the pantry, looked pathetic. So I spent two days in there organizing everything. (This will also help with my coupon quest, since I now have a good grasp on what we have in there.)
Even organized it still needed a *little* something. I rummaged around in my sewing room closet and pulled out some plastic lace I have been hoarding, erm keeping, forever.
I clipped lengths of it apart and voila! A cuted up pantry.
After I made that little mooshy bunny for Sammi, Jack started asking what I was going to make for him. Time to finally make the bunny bowling! He is still asking me every day what I made for him. I had to sew it in the carpool line and try and hide it in the car everyday. LOL
Joann did not have twill in cute colors like Ellen used, so I tried dying some twill. I think it turned out bad 1980's denim colored, but whatever. I used Daddy's old workshirts for the ears. I love the ears so much that I am itching to make Jack a quilt using those shirts.
And just because Kim asked for it, the Easter tree. I did not get out many Easter decorations this year (one more thing to do, or maybe I am burned out). But I did manage to hang up a whole bunch of random easter stuff on the tree.
There is everything including the kitchen sink on that thing this year.

And the birds from Sunday are all repaired and perched on it too.

Off with me to get a new driver's license. With two kids in tow. Wish me luck on that one. LOL


  1. Your Easter bunny bowling is adorable. I especially love what you did with their ears. Thank you for sharing your Easter tree with us. I feel honored (smiles). You have so many lovely goodies hanging on your feather tree.

  2. Love the bunny bowling! I would like to have a shirt quilt myself, love those patterns. Too bad Luis doens't really wear dress shirts for work and even so, they are all BLUE with very little pattern. Maybe I'll watch the thrift for them?

    I see my egg on the tree. :) hee hee

  3. Oh so cute...all of it. But especially the bunnies!


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