Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The birthday tree

I haven't found anything I like on the foyer table as much as a feather tree.
So last week I made it into a birthday tree.
The mirrors make it hard to see the tree, but I am too darn lazy to move it.
There's a party horn on the top.
Small honeycomb ornaments,
Tiny tissue paper fans.
Vintage noisemakers.
Small crepe paper bells.

And a few vintage birthday hats hanging upside down.

I wish I had more vintage birthday stuff, it's a super fun little tree!


  1. You know I'm loving your feather tree. What fabulous honeycomb decorations. We're all about birthdays and decorating with year-round trees at our house. I'll trade my Justin Bieber tree for your vintage goodies...hee hee. Soon, my year-round tree will be getting a superhero make-over for June.


  2. My vintage birthday decorations will be coming out in August. I fil up my shelf with stuff, but I never thought about doing my feather tree. I thinking hanging all my vintage birthday candle boxes on it would be fun. Now, can I wait three months to do it, that is the real question!


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