Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hapde Burfday to me

Well, hello 36. That last week of 35 was SERIOUSLY shitastic. Epically shitastic*.

Usually on my birthday we have a little blog party.

I show you pictures of my boyfriend:

And then I give away something. Or lots of things.

I have nothing prepared to give away.

And as for the boyfriend? Welllll, he and I FINALLY have a date next Sunday. I have been waiting many, many, many years to see him again.

So, what did I do today?

Well, it is freaking freezing cold after being near 100 degrees all week (barely 50 today) and raining all day. So not a single yard sale. Not a single junking score.

So, instead of my favorite past time I:
ate out twice (haha! take that no eating out rule)
took two naps (short lived thanks to unruly child)
painted my toenails (first time in many years, thank you coupons for free nail polish)
went to homegoods and wandered as long as I wanted to (despite Jackson running around the store with a basket on his head embarrassing me while people laughed at him)
watched some crappy television (I am looking at you Hallmark channel)
browsed a new cookbook (Rachael Ray)
enjoyed a birthday card from Jack that says "thank you for Sam. I wish we could have more babes (sic)" and laughed when he said he wanted to marry her
and went to Target at 9 pm (to buy more nail polish, purple this time)

What I did not do:
laundry, trash, dishes, sweeping, butt wiping, cooking, cleaning, phone answering, mail getting, bottle making

My birthday wish this year is for:
more days like today to just sit on my rear
and more blog followers! (Shameless plea, yes, but I work hard at this blog gig)

And with that, Hapde Burfday to me.

*Those of you on facebook already know we are having a MAJOR bed bug panic over here after Dave got home from Texas yesterday. He came home with what looks like bed bug bites on his face. I was up until 1 am cleaning and washing and bagging everything up and throwing it in the yard. If there is a God in Heaven he will not bring me bedbugs right now. Do you hear me God? NO BED BUGS. TIA.


  1. Happy Birthday! May birthdays are pretty darn special at our house too. May your special weekend continued to be filled with additional pampering (some spoiling from the hubby) and NO BED BUGS!!

  2. Crap weather here, except I am out in it watching my children play softball and baseball! Yeah me! We were out until 11:30 last night, men are clearly in charge of the schedule...purple polish how fantastic. Sounds like a heavenly day to me. Complete bliss, no worries, no agenda. Sign me up. Happy Birthday! Today is my sons too. He is 15 on the 15th...special day. Smiles...Renee

  3. Hapde Burfday Sarah, and I say, let the celebrating continue for a whole week! Crummy weather here too, after record highs last week. And I hope and pray that you don't have bed bugs. You probably stopped the whole life cycle by jumping on the problem right away like you did. Got my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Happy Birthday! And oh crap! Not bedbugs! I too panic at the thought of bedbugs. During the height of it last summer I was prone to flipping over the mattress in the middle of the night just to reassure myself.

    Sammy is sooooo cute!

  5. Happy Birthday Sarah! And many more! And no bed bugs!

  6. Happy Birthday, Sarah! So glad you got to relax today!

  7. Happy Birthday to you! :) (and OMG, no bed bugs for you!!)

  8. Happy happy birthday! May you have a year full of more dreams coming true.

  9. oops, happy birthday! that sammi is soooo cute, just adorable. those cheeks! somtimes we all need a day or two or seven off!


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