Monday, May 30, 2011

I've lost the will to live.

My love for Sammi in this gymboree fishy hat is unbridled.
I could gobble her sweet summery cheeks all day. Some stranger on the train this morning said to me that she was the most perfect baby ever and that she wished she had a camera so she could take a picture of her. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
So. I spent ALL WEEK last week cleaning out this room in our basement. It's about 600 sq feet and it was packed all the way to the ceiling with crap. Boxes that never got unpacked, holiday crap, baby crap, furniture that didn't fit in this house, etc etc. I sold, I donated, I gave away until all that is left to be gotten rid is a small pile of stuff in the middle. If that doesnt sell by next weekend to thrift store it will go. (And a lot of what you see in the middle are EMPTY totes. Who has empty totes? I DO! Loads of them.)

I am hoping some more of it sells though, I am still a little shy of the money I need to buy Dave the "toy," aka iPod, he wants and to buy myself the toy, aka Boon Flair High Chair, that I want.
Then we spent a good part of the weekend emptying the garage. It was also so packed you couldn't walk in there. We gave away, we sold, we donated, we made a big pile for bulk trash pick up. And now? Lordy it is SO NICE to be able to walk in the garage. I can keep the trash can in there!

I've been working so darn hard I thought we might go to the gypsy caravan this morning. It's a big annual flea market that the St Louis symphony holds at UMSL every memorial day.

BIG mistake. It was hot and so damn crowded that after 30 minutes I left. Me? Leave a flea after 30 minutes? Yes, I did. Everything is over priced, it's too crowded to get close to anything and I was SO SICK of hearing nosey nellies making comments about how hot my baby must be. (She was completely sunscreened, covered by my moby wrap and her sun hat and happily sleeping. Babies who are dying aren't usually taking a little snooze while sucking their thumbs.)

I will never understand why everyone feels the need to make comments about other people's children.

Anyway, I have clearly lost the will to live as not only did I hot tail it out of that flea market after 30 minutes but I yelled back at the Nellies quite loudly THAT MY BABY IS JUST FINE THANKYOUVERYMUCH (at which point Dave looked at me like I have lost my mind).


And that's what's been happening over here. Hopefully this week I am going to get some time with my sewing machine. Just after we finish the last week of school, I go to Costco, I take the van to be repaired. Oy. You get the idea...


  1. She is a peach! My SIL's SIL was at the grocery store with her LO when a lady leaned over pulled away the blanket covering the carriage and said, "Oh your mommy isn't feeding you enough!" With such quick diagnostic skills that woman needs to go to work for the World Health Organization in some 3rd world country and make herself useful!

    I marvel in what you got accomplished last week!

  2. Not yet...hang in there a little while longer...if you can't stay who will you leave among us but those nosy old ladies that are so consumed with others that they forget to comb the back of their own hair. Heaven help us these women rule the world with iron fist and walk the corridors of all grocery stores and the like for all of our disgust. I must say you do great work with two little ones. I have tons of empty totes too. We could put our list of nosy comments in them...smiles...Renee

  3. Sammy is definitely a cutie pie and I especially LOVE that adorable hat on her. I'm super impressed with everything you accomplished this weekend. I seriously need to carve out some time to go through the girls toys and our basement. We have waaaay too many totes that haven't been opened in awhile.

  4. Sounds more like you were subconsciously keeping that newly cleaned space free and empty.

    And overcrowed, overpriced anything can't keep me there for long. I had a moment yesterday where I thought had I had a thrift score (Julia Child's The Way to Cook, hardback!), only to get to the register and see they wanted $50 because they believe it's autographed. I walked out so bummed....


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