Sunday, May 15, 2011

A swap perhaps?

Is there anyone reading from the UK who might be interested in a little magazine swap?

I really want a copy of this magazine and I am happy to send you Martha or Country Living or Flea market style or whatever your heart desires.

You can find an email addy for me over there ----> if you are interested in a little trade!


  1. This link says it will be in the US on June 9th. So, maybe you can find it here then?

  2. I am under the impression it will be here June 9th too- ready to hit the newsstands that day!

  3. I have to order my favorite magazine Homespun direct from Australia. Seems they have the best publications. Sometimes if I am lucky Barnes and Noble has the foreign magazines. Best of luck. This looks like a great one. Smiles...Renee


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