Sunday, June 26, 2011


Oh Dear. It's been a dreadful weekend.

First we went to like 14 garage sales on Saturday and bought NOTHING.

Then it rained and rained big thunderstorms for SIX hours last night, which meant we were all up until about 2 30 am.

Then it rained out the flea market this market.

And then, the very worst dreadful thing happened.
You see, we had baby bunnies living in this spot in the yard. We were visiting them daily to watch them grow (they would crawl out of their little hole to come see us!), we were feeding mama all of our fruit and veggie scraps, we were very carefully avoiding that spot when mowing, and we had even scaled WAY back on our "get the damn voles out of the yard" initiative to avoid getting any babies or mama in our snap traps.

And then this morning I heard a bunch of crows squawking in the backyard. I went to the kitchen window and saw the crows on the fence right above the babies. I yelled for Jack to run out in the yard and scare them off while I sent Dave out to try and find a way to shelter the babies. Mama was out there hopping around the hole wildly.

Except it was too late. There was a dead baby in the yard and the hole was empty.

And now all day Mama has come back to the hole looking for her babies.

GAH. Dreadful. Jack cried and I wanted to cry and Dave is gutted too. DAMN STUPID CROW. Couldn't you have eaten the voles our yard is INFESTED with?
So I tried to console myself at the thrift.

Except it was pretty dreadful too. Dave found another vintage chime ball for Sammi.
I picked up a feedsack with a cobbler print.

And some pretty linen napkins.

But even a cute feedsack does not make up for our poor dead babies!

Stupid mother nature and her survival of the fittest.


  1. oh so sad! We kinda had the same situation yesterday! My daughter and I were driving on the highway home yesterday and the pickup truck coming towards us kept flashing his lights! I said "What's this guys problem?" He was warning us of what was ahead - a car had hit a really tiny fawn; and it was struggling in the middle of the highway. Oh it was the saddest thing we had ever seen! The back end was broken and he was trying his hardest with his front end to get up. He finally just lay there looking up as we crept past. If I had had a blanket in my van I would have tried to get it on the blanket and to the side of the road. We cried! It was a very sad rest of the ride home!

  2. Oh gosh, I'm not sure which is sadder--the missing baby bunnies or Stephanie's story! Sad weekend for sweet furry creatures.

  3. :( Sorry. I remember that kind of thing as a kid. So sad. Those were *your* bunnies!

  4. We have a lot of 'survival of the fittest' activity out here. I know the best way is to let nature take its course, but it never, ever gets easier.

  5. We have had this happen to us. Tears and sadness too. Good news is they usually nest in the same place. Every Spring the bunnies return and my daughter loves to take on the mothering duty. Lovely toy and linens though. Hope you have a better week ahead. I meant to tell you that we have had a budding scientist in our home youngest son always played better with rocks than swings. We have planned our vacations around rockhounding. diamonds in Arkansas, Copper in Michigan, Agates in Minnesota. It has been so much fun he still loves it and he is nearly in high school. Keep up the genius Jack...smiles...Renee


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