Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Flea

Dave wanted to go to the flea yesterday for Father's Day, so off we went.

We got a really late start (storms having been keeping us and kids awake the better of every night lately!) and the flea was severely lacking in vendors*.

I picked up something I have been looking for for a VERY long time, but it's not ready to debut yet.

And I picked up two old quilts in really rough condition.
The butterflies are sweet, but I probably wouldn't have bought it. In fact, I only bought it because I really wanted the second quilt you see here, and to get the price low enough I had to buy them as a package deal.
I don't dislike it or anything, but it is DEFINITELY a cutter and an applique quilt like this is hard to use as a cutter. I have no clue what I will do with it.
This one is a "cheater", i.e. not patchwork at all,just printed fabric.

But the print is OH SO SWEET.

As soon as I am done sewing on 64 buttons on Jack's new quilt and binding it I need to get this dismantled so I can find a sue for that great fabric.

*I fear something terrible is happening to our flea market. The word on the street (at garage sales anyway) is that they are losing vendors rapidly because no one is buying. People used to camp out overnight to get a space to sell at this flea market and now it is more than half empty every week. This is DREADFUL for me, since with a small baby the flea is really the only way I can junk right now. Garage sales, auctions, estate sales, those are all just too hard with the kids.

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  1. Didn't you have a similar butterfly quilt


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