Tuesday, June 21, 2011


When we emptied the house of my grandparent's things there was an old cast iron typewriter in the garage. I saved it from the trash pile because Jack has been DYING to have a typewriter to play with.

It was just too rusted and broken to use and when we cleaned out the garage (AGAIN!) it went in the trash pile (AGAIN!).

But I before I gave it to the scrap man Dave and I pulled off the keys.

I probably won't do anything thrilling with them, but even as push pins or fridge magnets they will be a nice little piece of my own childhood to have kicking around.

Happy first day of summer to you!


  1. Gorgeous as magnets - simple but brilliant x

  2. Make jewelery!!! I have two awesome bracelets made from old typewriter keys, one says "wicked" and the other says "vintage". I also have a pair of T key earrings.

  3. COOL! I wish I had one of these or could find one (and you're right, it would have to be just bad enough to justify destroying for the keys.)

    I agree: make jewelry. I almost bought a ring once with with my initial. If you were willing to sell the "S," I'd buy it!


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