Thursday, July 21, 2011

The always messy playroom

As soon as we were sure Sammi was coming, we knew we had to relocate the toys from the spare bedroom to the basement.

Dave spent a large portion of last year remodeling a huge part of the basement to make a playroom.

It's always messy, so I haven't shown it to you yet, but, let's get real, we are lucky I can get Dave to vacuum down there. LOL

We didn't do the ceiling, and we never painted the doors or the trim. (Or even put up the base boards.) But it functions. And it's great when there are ton of kids in the house because I can just banish them all to the basement.
The whole room.
The dress up area.
My vintage toy hoard.
The store.
Containers of little toys.

And the family room area. (Much needed during storm season.)

It's actually quite nice. The walls are a great aqua color and the floors are this peel and stick vinyl that looks like wood. We were on a mission to do this for as little money as possible, so the paint is a mix of a bunch of ooops paint and leftover upstairs paint. And the floor came from a liquidator place that was going out of business (scored for 38 cents a linear foot!).

Now to get Jack to go down there....hmmmm.


  1. I'd love to clean out our total disaster of a finished basement and make a play area for Maren, but I just don't think she'd go down there either. I think she doesn't want to be by herself. If Porter was closer in age and would play with her I think it wouldn't be such an issue. Instead, my living room looks like a playroom. Sigh.

    Your room is beautiful! I love all of the bright colors in the rug & the bins!

  2. Wow! I am so jealous of that basement room. My basement always gets water so I am envious.That is the first room of its kind that I have seen that is actually cozy and not dungeon-like. Love the family area - so cute with the mantle and vintage mirror! It looks super Sarah!

    Yes, I know what you mean about the blog parties. I have tried it once and it did increase traffic. Problem is that after I post and take pics there isn't any time left to look for parties and then post to them too. Oh well! I have only been at this less than a year. It will come.
    Thanks for visiting. I still love your blog the best!

  3. Sarah, stop it!! You are adding more work to my list. We have a finished playroom in the basement(only 1/3) but now you are making me want to work on the rest of it and make a family room area too! I love the colors you have down there. Envy is not a good thing :)

  4. What a great room! I want to play there! Got my fabric yesterday and love it. Thank you!!

  5. It reminds me of my grandparent's basement. we would come to visit and wreck the place playing with ALL the toys, making forts, etc. It looks like a great place for kids. (Would Jack play there more if you were working on a craft in the same room? We have no basement and a tiny house, so I am envious!


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