Friday, July 29, 2011

Cyanotypes, aka sun prints

I remember seeing sun prints in Martha Stewart many years ago and thinking they were the coolest thing ever.

But at that time the paper was pretty pricey.

I've since discovered the paper can be found at Hobby Lobby (hello coupons!) for a really reasonable price.

Santa brought some for Jack and we have been playing with it.
The first object we used was a dried butterfly we have kicking around the house. It worked well, but it was kind of boring.
I REALLY wanted to make some with queen anne's lace, which is blooming like mad right now.
These looked AWESOME when we made them in the sun, but after rinsing and drying they are not as vibrant as I would like. (And not nearly as vibrant as the butterfly.)

Maybe it's because the sun gets around the flowers.

Maybe we didn't wait until the sun was bright enough.

Maybe we didn't expose them long enough.
Whatever the reason, since it has been 100 plus degrees for something like 18 days (with no rain, it's pretty much like phoenix here this summer), we have nothing better to do but make more!

The littles were having themselves a grand old conversation on the couch yesterday, which was too cute to not take a picture of.

We are in the 2 week countdown to the first day of school here already. It's been too hot to do very much, so I am a little bummed about that. Particularly since Jack will be gone all day, every day for the first time and the only time to do the fun stuff now will be the weekend.

Darn you blazing hot weather. Go away already! (Our forecast for the next 15 days show nothing but more of the same. Which means the kids will end up released from school for "heat". Why did they change the start date to before labor day anyway?)


  1. Your sun prints are awesome. I know Josie would love doing that. Thanks for the tip about Hobby Lobby. Darling pictures of the kiddos. I hope your heatwave changes soon. No fun to have kiddos attempting school with unbearable heat. We're off until Labor day in MI.

  2. For the Queen Anne's Lace, you will prob. get better results if you put paper, flower and then cover with glass to really push the flower down.

    A doily or piece of lace gives a pretty result as well.

  3. I hate how early school starts. There has been talk of starting it early August here and parents are fighting it. It's too hot to put them on unairconditioned buses!!!

    You will adjust to Jack being gone. I had my qualms when Edie started, but she was so ready for it and just LOVED being in school all day. Finally, someone else to entertain her all day!


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