Sunday, July 24, 2011

Feedsack Fish

Back when Sammi was tiny and I was spending a ton of time nursing her and surfing the internet, I found this fish and bookmarked it.

It's Christmas in July tomorrow, so I whipped one up for the Sammi monster.
I obviously made mine a little different than the pattern.

I used feedsack and vintage fabric scraps for the scales.
And this HORRIBLE stretchy yellow fabric for the body. (Which is why his body is weirdly lumpy.)

Man he is cute! And Sammi loves him. The scales are just stuffed ever so lightly and are easy for her to grab.

Pictures of her playing with it are on my to do list, but right now it's nap time and Dave is stuck at Costco buying tire number 5 and 6 for this week ALONE. Ouch.

I am off to make a new pillow for the couch in the meantime. My clean sewing room is SO AWESOME and easy to use. Yiiiippppeeeeee.


  1. Super cute!!! Like Like Like!!!

  2. That turned out reeeeally cute!

  3. Love it! Love that the baby can grab the scales!

  4. Oh cute...did I miss a post about your cute sewing room or are you just saving it...Lord I am not going to be able to take it if it is like the laundry room. Still haggling with the handy man? Smiles...Renee


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