Monday, August 22, 2011

Vintage fabric mission

Friday night I spotted a garage sale ad that touted "vintage fabric". I've fallen for "Craig's trick" before with promises of vintage fabric, but since this ad also claimed they had hankies and chenille blankets and a quilt top I figured it might be worth the 30 minute drive.

I went to bed Friday night with a plan - wake up early, leave the kids with Dave and be there 5 minutes before they started.
(Do you see those little birds?!?!) Except Saturday morning dawned with a HUGE storm bearing down on us and the skies were black.
I decided it wasn't worth driving 30 minutes (wasting all that expensive gas) for nothing. So I tried to find 2 interesting sales closer to home. But there was nothing. At this point I had wasted 30 minutes and that first sale was still calling to me.
So I hopped in the van and raced the devil to get there before the rain drops started to fall.
I managed to make it there 5 minutes after they opened.
And just as I was getting in line to pay the rain drops started to fall.

(This is a bed skirt! I cannot wait for Sammi to be in a big girl bed so I can use it.) It obviously wasn't filled with piles of 1930's/1940's fabrics (my DREAM yard sale), but it was worth racing the devil for.

Now if I could just find my motivation somewhere.

And a big pile of pinkish vintage hankies so I could make that quilt I am positively LUSTING after on pinterest.


  1. Oh how I do hate a sale that doesn't have pictures for proof. Then I show up and it is a wash, happened twice last week. Patience should not be a virtue...when you find that drive send some my way...smiles...Renee

  2. Those birdies are killing me!


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