Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The height of my laziness

I tried to take a photo of Sammi wearing this outfit for the person who gave it to her and this was the best I could do. This baby is B U S Y right now.

But never mind that, because look at what she has been trying to do all week! She has very little interest in this crawling business and is more than ready to get up and walk. I mean how else is she going to get herself to all the stuff she wants to put in her mouth?!?!

Lord help me now. :-) (GAH, she's just found a rogue lego underneath a bookshelf. Busy I tell you.)

So on Monday I had been up and working my tail off since 6 am. (Plus getting up at 1 am with Sammi.) At precisely 2:24 I decide I am going to sit down and watch Nate.

Exhausted I flop myself on the couch and as soon as Nate starts telling the audience to stop clapping I hear it.

A cat retching.

Now if you have cats you know the sound.

And you know that a cat is about to puke on a rug/bed/clothes/whatever inconvenient thing it can find to puke on.

Because that's what cats do.

And my exhausted self knew that meant another hour of cleaning up crap and MORE laundry.

So what did I do?

Oh, I hightailed it off the couch and went running frantically through the house to find the offender.

As soon as I spotted her I snatched her up by the nape of her neck.

Crap. Now what? I am holding a retching cat and I DO NOT WANT TO CLEAN UP CAT PUKE.

Right then. I run my RETCHING indoor only cat and myself out the back door and make her puke in the backyard.

So I could shut the door and forget about it.

Oh yes I did.

And I would do it again.

In fact I wonder why I hadn't thought of it sooner.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's only Tuesday?

I woke up this morning with HIGH hopes that today was going to be better than yesterday.

And then the baby kept me up most of the night (AGAIN) and Jack peed all over the bathroom (AGAIN) and I have 14 more loads of laundry due to said peeing incident and on and on.

Dave sent me this article on Tuesdays which at least made me laugh.

It's a good thing I am in charge of this ship, because I have just declared that I am done for the day. Yeaup, I will take care of the baby and play with her and make something creative, but no more work today*.

And it's not even 9 am yet!

In the meantime, here's the last of the weekend junk.
Oooooh sparkly.
Ooooohhh glittery.
Awww, reminds me of my childhood.

Oooooh, fun for my little cowboys and indians fan.

*Just wait until I tell you what I did yesterday to avoid more work. I will go to any lengths right now to have a moment of rest. LOL

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fabric and tablecloths

GAK! I still have a panic inducing amount of crap to get done today, so here's a VERY QUICKLY composed and photographed blog post of some of this weekend's yard sale finds. LOL
Not my favorite style of tablecloth, but it still has the original label on it.
My FAV of the lot, but a smallish piece.
A pink that did not want to photograph as pink.
What I thought might have been a feedsack, but is instead about 2 yards of a good vintage fabric.

And something totally different - a vintage amtrak tablecloth. Cool.

P.S. Halloween swappers should have gotten an email this morning regarding your impending deadline.

Jack's little pen pal WILL be getting her package soon, it is on my to do list to get it mailed TODAY!

Pam, I need your address! I still have a little fabric treat for you too.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Yesterday I had a house full of children (my own and others) and Dave had boyscout leader training half the day. I told him that on Sunday that meant *I* was also going to get 5 hours of peace and that I had a training session with the sewing machine.

Now, I don't know about your house, but around here that was a TOTAL FAIL. I got approximately 60 minutes without minding the children, cleaning up messes, doing laundry, making oatmeal, giving medicine, making bottles, changing diapers, changing clothes, rocking a crying baby and so forth.

60 minutes. Really?

I could just cry from the complete lack of time to do anything by myself and the amount of work I am doing on a daily basis at the moment. I fall into bed ready to just die from exhaustion each night. :-/

I did manage to get *one* stinking thing on want to make list finished.
A fabric covered funkin pumpkin. Did you all see those on the cover of Country Living?

Dollar tree actually has decent sized funkins and I want to try and get a few more to try the other things on the cover of the mag.
I used real fabric instead of copying my fabric onto paper like they did. (I need printer ink and that is yet one more thing on the to do list.)

And I don't have any Liberty fabric lying around, LOL.

But it's cute.

Since the neighbors wouldn't stop sawing (they have been cutting down trees for 7 days now, if they don't stop that sawing soon I WILL cry, no maybe about it) and I could not escape the work of the children I decided we should go to Oktoberfest.

I mean at least I should be eating funnelcake while I am miserable, right?
We pretended to be Hansel and Gretel.
We admired the musical stage that looked like a cuckoo clock.
We saw the band getting ready.
We laid down by the river for a spell.
Then we rolled down the hill.
Then we admired the beautiful black forest clocks.
Which were colorful and intricate and amazing.

And very, very, very expensive.

I need to see if we can manage to get ours working again, the clock shop estimate to fix it was outrageous!

P.S. I have quit the flea market, so no flea market Sundays for awhile. I know, shocking isn't it? It just was not fun right now. I also think I am going to quit facebook. Also not fun since they changed everything. CLEARLY I am crabby right now. LOL

Friday, September 23, 2011

Big and little

The kids right now:
Still little enough to take baths in the sink (she HATES the tub);

but big enough to be making an almighty mess of everything she can find! (Baby proofing this room has moved up the to do
list with lightening speed. She got into the pottery the other day and pots were banging around and hitting the floor while I was frantically rushing around trying to remove them all. MUST FIND DIFFERENT SHELVES!).

Big enough to be sleeping in her crib at night, but still little enough for naps in her swing. (Although I suspect we are *just* short of the end of that. Yesterday she didn't nap very well at all. I have been working hard to get her to sleep in the crib at night and I thought I would wait another week before I started phasing out the swing at naptime. I think she might have other ideas.)

Jack is so big that pants he tried on just a month ago do not fit already! And I thought I had this year's school clothes all sorted out. Back to the thrift store jean rack with me.

But still little enough to want to sleep in footie jammies (which are darn hard to find in his size!).

Big enough to be spelling words like atmosphere and geography, but still little enough to have a temper tantrum when he and I argue about how to spell temperature. (Which was actually quite funny because he was muttering and I was getting frustrated and we were arguing about which way was right and we were BOTH wrong. LOLOL)

Alrighty then. I have one peed all over bathroom to clean up and one diaper to change.

Happy Friday to you!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spider wreath

I've had an old Martha Stewart wreath for many years for the front door that just was, well, blah. (It was the glow in the dark eyeballs plus a crow, if you remember that one).

When I saw this wreath on pinterest I thought I had found a replacement. But the dollar store has no useful rubber snakes.

So we had a good wander around Dollar Tree and I realized there were spiders everywhere.

Spiders it is then. I think I spent $8 on the new spiders and I just put them on the old eyeball wreath.
What makes it super fun are the "escaping" spiders on the rest of the door. I just glued spiders to magnets and stuck them on our steel door. (We could use a few more, but I figured Jack would be messing with them constantly and it might make me crazy.)
The web is kind of sparkly. Dollar Tree had a glow in the dark spider tied to the middle of it, so I just plucked him off and replaced him with a better spider.

And then I went crazy gluing spiders everywhere.

Jack asked me if I had poster puttied the spiders to the door which turned my little light bulb on.
So I stuck spiders all over the house too. On the bone cloche...

And on the mad scientist mantle.

Hmmm, what else can I stick spiders on?

Man, I love Halloween!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Right now my to do list is like a giant elephant that I need to eat one bite at a time. Except that I am not sure where to start. The ears? The tail?


Jack is still sick and we had to go to the ped AGAIN yesterday. He is on his third antibiotic for the ear infection that won't die and now he has an infection of his ear canal and outer ear also.

They are supposed to be coming to fix the basement this morning.

I have 20 Halloween ornaments I need to finish.

And I have like 8 GIANT coffin sized rubbermaid bins of Halloween stuff that I am trying to get out. Except that I still don't have a good routine down for where to put everything in this house and it is taking me forever. (I was a well oiled machine at the old house, everything had a place and I could be done in a few hours.) I have to put away all the pottery to make room for it and I have no bins to pack the pottery in to.

Oy again.

I think I should start by putting the thrift donations in the van. Less crap in the house then.

Anyway. The rest of the weekend junk.
A fantastic pile of fabric that is hard to take a picture of. It's pinstriped seersucker with roses. If my to do list wasn't about to eat me I would stop and make at least a pillow with it RIGHT NOW.
A wonderful HUGE old frame. I can't fit anymore big frames in the hall of frames though. Hmmm....
Ornaments! Finally. Those pink ones with that bunting? I die.
And a super fun old cowboys and indians set for Jack. This thing has tee pees, canoes, fires, pots to go over the campfires...

a fort, horses, canons and so much more. (And cats that wouldn't get out of the way.)

Okay. Back to the to do list.

Wish me luck?

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Egads. The junk gods FINALLY smiled on me this week.
I can never have too many of these.
Wheeee! I didn't have this one in the fisher price collection yet.
I rarely buy animal pottery, but this one is tiny and cute and a good color.
The three little kittens who lost their mittens will grace Sammi's wall when the doll quilts have to come down for toddlerhood.

And another glass battery case. I am thinking I will fill this one with something fun for Halloween.

I have more junk to show you tomorrow and I am FINALLY making a few things for Halloween, so crafting to come this week.

I know, don't die from the shock of it. LOL

Friday, September 16, 2011

And she's off!

I cannot get the video to upload directly to the blog, but Sammi crawled today! You can see the video here. (I cannot make it upload directly to blogger, not sure why?)

Dave HATES baby headbands, but I think cheeks looks SWEET in this one.

Speaking of sweet, yesterday at the bus stop Jack said to me, "Mom, it looks like the tops of the trees have a sunburn." (They are just starting to turn red for fall.)

And in the funny department he said to Dave the other day "Dad, do you have bloating and fatigue?" LOLOLOL (What kind of commercials are on during that damn spongebob anyway?)

P.S. Never mind that big stain on the couch. Yesterday was a bad day and I spilled my Dr Pepper *just* as I was finally getting to sit down for a minute at 8 pm. Today didn't start so swell either since Jack was complaining of ear pain AGAIN. Oy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ah crap.

We lived in this house for two glorious years with a dry basement. (Our last house took on water like the freaking titantic.)
Too bad this is what my basement looks like right now.

And I am having to relive those nightmarish days of going to the basement every hour, sopping up water, moving crap out of the way of water, blah blah.

I had just cleaned that damn basement up too! Growl.

Now we have to try and find a way to stem the flow of the amazon down there and soon. The rainy season is coming.
Yesterday I made this soup for dinner. Jack protested heavily and I refused to tell him what it was. I simply answered "eye of newt, some witches hair, frog legs" etc when he pestered me about what was in it. Because he wanted to go to some thing at school last night he gave in and tried it.

And then decided that he LOVED it and wanted to eat it every day and never wanted to have to eat another cucumber slice again. (The only veggies he eats are corn, carrots and occassionally a cucumber slice. OY!)
We took the kids to the beach on labor day and Jack spent many an hour playing with this TINY TINY frog. And the big ones? EW! Slimy, he declared.
Cheeks and I resumed the dress project yesterday.

This is one is beautiful.

But now it's cold and raining and the dress project is on hold yet again.

And with that I have to go back to the shitting basement and check the water. Again.

Hopefully you aren't having an ah crap Wednesday where ever you may be.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It was linen day

Every day should start with a sweet picture of cheeks.

When we went junking this past weekend it was linen weekend. I could have bought piles and piles and piles of linens, but I foolishly didn't bring enough cash!
These mittens kill me. And yes, I plan on putting them on cheeks at least once. I don't think they were ever used since they are still sewn together. They are soft. So soft. And that ribbon? Wonderful.
This was probably made for a real baby since it is lined with plastic, but it will be going on a doll around here. Again with the cute. Killing me.
I don't have a huge collection of cross stitch quilts because patchwork is what makes my heart go all aflutter, but when I dug this out of a bin, oh my! MUST OWN. (You can click to enlarge it.) It says good night, sweet dreams.
It's been very loved.

But those are the sweetest bears ever. Promise.