Friday, September 16, 2011

And she's off!

I cannot get the video to upload directly to the blog, but Sammi crawled today! You can see the video here. (I cannot make it upload directly to blogger, not sure why?)

Dave HATES baby headbands, but I think cheeks looks SWEET in this one.

Speaking of sweet, yesterday at the bus stop Jack said to me, "Mom, it looks like the tops of the trees have a sunburn." (They are just starting to turn red for fall.)

And in the funny department he said to Dave the other day "Dad, do you have bloating and fatigue?" LOLOLOL (What kind of commercials are on during that damn spongebob anyway?)

P.S. Never mind that big stain on the couch. Yesterday was a bad day and I spilled my Dr Pepper *just* as I was finally getting to sit down for a minute at 8 pm. Today didn't start so swell either since Jack was complaining of ear pain AGAIN. Oy.


  1. So cute! Love how Jack is motivating her. We just rented "The Baby Human" from Netflix. Fascinating science & psychology behind crawling, talking and even infant mathematics. It's a Canadian documentary series and each segment last about 45 minutes. They are all on one disk though.

  2. Yay, I just loved watching Cheeks go. Now you will always be on the move because she will never stay still, lol.

  3. Nothing will be safe now. I'm with Renee, Go Cheeks GO!!!

  4. Supercute! Did you try pasting the embed code into the html window rather than the WYSIWYG window? That may sound like a dumb question but I find sometimes blogger is fickle and it defaults me into the wrong window and I don't realize it.


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