Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Right now my to do list is like a giant elephant that I need to eat one bite at a time. Except that I am not sure where to start. The ears? The tail?


Jack is still sick and we had to go to the ped AGAIN yesterday. He is on his third antibiotic for the ear infection that won't die and now he has an infection of his ear canal and outer ear also.

They are supposed to be coming to fix the basement this morning.

I have 20 Halloween ornaments I need to finish.

And I have like 8 GIANT coffin sized rubbermaid bins of Halloween stuff that I am trying to get out. Except that I still don't have a good routine down for where to put everything in this house and it is taking me forever. (I was a well oiled machine at the old house, everything had a place and I could be done in a few hours.) I have to put away all the pottery to make room for it and I have no bins to pack the pottery in to.

Oy again.

I think I should start by putting the thrift donations in the van. Less crap in the house then.

Anyway. The rest of the weekend junk.
A fantastic pile of fabric that is hard to take a picture of. It's pinstriped seersucker with roses. If my to do list wasn't about to eat me I would stop and make at least a pillow with it RIGHT NOW.
A wonderful HUGE old frame. I can't fit anymore big frames in the hall of frames though. Hmmm....
Ornaments! Finally. Those pink ones with that bunting? I die.
And a super fun old cowboys and indians set for Jack. This thing has tee pees, canoes, fires, pots to go over the campfires...

a fort, horses, canons and so much more. (And cats that wouldn't get out of the way.)

Okay. Back to the to do list.

Wish me luck?


  1. Your ornaments are just divine and that cowboys and indians set is awesome!! I'm sure Josie would love to help Jack play with it. I'm sorry you're stealing dealing with illness at your house. Good luck with the to-do list.

  2. Good luck all around! Looks like you had some with you thrifting - glad you found some ornaments, and personally I love the play set. Don't know why, but I do.

  3. Poor Jack! I was going to send email, but since I don't have time to get on computer (because I'm working on my own elephant) I wanted you to know I sent my ornaments today. Jamie sent hers before me. You should have both by end of week. Hope Jack gets better poor guy.

  4. Oh I can take some of that right off your hands....starting with those sweet ornaments. I know you know this but just in case. I always take out the shelf crap and move in the holiday crap and put the shelf crap back in the holiday bins that way I know where they are when I go to put them back in and they get dusted. Load and unload I have no better ideas. Poor Jack it has a lot to do with the allergies and weather going up and down. It is hard for his drainage and pressure to get comfortable. Warm wash cloth and tylenol? Smiles...Renee

  5. I hear you on the ornament finishing! I'm nearly done with my halloween goodies!

    I've been moving stuff constantly to get things right for Fall...Blah!!!

    Exciting news, I did just order 25 copies of the September Romantic Homes magazine I was featured in!! (on top of the 10 or so I've already bought!)


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