Sunday, September 25, 2011


Yesterday I had a house full of children (my own and others) and Dave had boyscout leader training half the day. I told him that on Sunday that meant *I* was also going to get 5 hours of peace and that I had a training session with the sewing machine.

Now, I don't know about your house, but around here that was a TOTAL FAIL. I got approximately 60 minutes without minding the children, cleaning up messes, doing laundry, making oatmeal, giving medicine, making bottles, changing diapers, changing clothes, rocking a crying baby and so forth.

60 minutes. Really?

I could just cry from the complete lack of time to do anything by myself and the amount of work I am doing on a daily basis at the moment. I fall into bed ready to just die from exhaustion each night. :-/

I did manage to get *one* stinking thing on want to make list finished.
A fabric covered funkin pumpkin. Did you all see those on the cover of Country Living?

Dollar tree actually has decent sized funkins and I want to try and get a few more to try the other things on the cover of the mag.
I used real fabric instead of copying my fabric onto paper like they did. (I need printer ink and that is yet one more thing on the to do list.)

And I don't have any Liberty fabric lying around, LOL.

But it's cute.

Since the neighbors wouldn't stop sawing (they have been cutting down trees for 7 days now, if they don't stop that sawing soon I WILL cry, no maybe about it) and I could not escape the work of the children I decided we should go to Oktoberfest.

I mean at least I should be eating funnelcake while I am miserable, right?
We pretended to be Hansel and Gretel.
We admired the musical stage that looked like a cuckoo clock.
We saw the band getting ready.
We laid down by the river for a spell.
Then we rolled down the hill.
Then we admired the beautiful black forest clocks.
Which were colorful and intricate and amazing.

And very, very, very expensive.

I need to see if we can manage to get ours working again, the clock shop estimate to fix it was outrageous!

P.S. I have quit the flea market, so no flea market Sundays for awhile. I know, shocking isn't it? It just was not fun right now. I also think I am going to quit facebook. Also not fun since they changed everything. CLEARLY I am crabby right now. LOL


  1. Every thing is better with funnel cakes! Good call.

  2. What she said about funnel cake.

    Cute pumpkin. I so want one.

  3. YUM for funnel cakes. I do not go to nearly enough events where those are served, because YUM!

  4. Love how the peachy colored flowers kinda make a face on the pumpkin.

  5. Your pumpkin turned out pretty! I've wanted to try this since I saw the CL cover, but I was afraid it would turn out a mess. Also, I'm having a hard time committing to a fabric choice!

  6. I liked those pumpkins on the CL cover, too (altho I thought the issue was kind of a disappointment otherwise, is it just me?) Also interested to know those pumpkins are available at a dollar store ... I may have just the fabric to use on them.


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