Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spider wreath

I've had an old Martha Stewart wreath for many years for the front door that just was, well, blah. (It was the glow in the dark eyeballs plus a crow, if you remember that one).

When I saw this wreath on pinterest I thought I had found a replacement. But the dollar store has no useful rubber snakes.

So we had a good wander around Dollar Tree and I realized there were spiders everywhere.

Spiders it is then. I think I spent $8 on the new spiders and I just put them on the old eyeball wreath.
What makes it super fun are the "escaping" spiders on the rest of the door. I just glued spiders to magnets and stuck them on our steel door. (We could use a few more, but I figured Jack would be messing with them constantly and it might make me crazy.)
The web is kind of sparkly. Dollar Tree had a glow in the dark spider tied to the middle of it, so I just plucked him off and replaced him with a better spider.

And then I went crazy gluing spiders everywhere.

Jack asked me if I had poster puttied the spiders to the door which turned my little light bulb on.
So I stuck spiders all over the house too. On the bone cloche...

And on the mad scientist mantle.

Hmmm, what else can I stick spiders on?

Man, I love Halloween!


  1. Brilliant wreath idea...especially with the spider magnets too.

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. I also LOVE it, Sarah. What an excellent idea!! spiders on magnets is super cute, too.

  3. Very cute ... I mean scary ... I mean spidery.

  4. Love it! So cute! I mean SO SPOOKY.

  5. You would never do that if you lived at my house, because we have so many real spiders we're practically a designated habitat. They're outside. Mostly. And they do good things, like eat bugs. But yours are cuter.

  6. Super spooky...can't believe you put that many out already. Man you are going to be finding spiders at Easter! I love it..genius. Magnets? I am pinning this! Smiles....Renee

  7. Snakes were so last year! That's when I bought a big pack o'snakes at the Dollar Tree for a future Medusa costume. I actually like your spiders better because of the escaping ones.

  8. O.M.G. there is NO way I could stand to see those spiders on a daily basis!! Huge phobia! It is a CUTE CUTE CUTE wreath though!!!!


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