Sunday, October 30, 2011

On the sixth day of Halloween

I have to tell you that two weeks ago I did NOT think I was going to be able to get all this stuff done - making costumes, pumpkin patches, hay rides, huge birthday parties, but as of an hour ago I am DONE. (I won't mention that I am pretty close to done with Santa Claus too!)


I have to break this up into two posts today because I just could not get to it yesterday.

On the sixth day of Halloween, the Great Pumpkin gave to me:
One afternoon spent carving pumpkins.
Jack said the pumpkin guts looked like a Halloween cave, complete with bats hanging down.
He is very proud of his ability to carve a pumpkin now, and he carved three of them!
Sammi is just plain cute in that hat.

Last night my dad had arranged for us to take a hayride in Amish country. (My dad and my brother have been working with the Amish near Bowling Green.) Wilbur drove us all over in his wagon and it was magical.
It was silent and chilly and beautiful. We sat in the middle of the cow pasture and watched the cows. We sat in the horse field and watched the horses chase the wagon.

We admired the reflection of the trees on the pasture pond which was as still as glass.

And we noticed that there were thousands of twinkly stars.

Sammi was mesmerized.

And I hope it becomes tradition.

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  1. Simply beautiful story and pictures...Happy Halloween to all of you...smiles...Renee


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