Sunday, November 20, 2011

An adventure

Yesterday was one of the worst days with Jack we have had since he was three years old. He started having tantrums at about 11 am and he was still carrying on at 7 30, with the last one lasting from 4 30 to 7 30.

I will only say this - I was moments from taking him to the hospital, because something must be seriously wrong with a child for him to scream for 3 hours.

(And I don't know what the answer to our current issue is but I am pretty sure there is a big change on our horizon for Jack.)

Anyway, I was left feeling completely and utterly burned out, so off to grandma's house he went today.

We went to a global food market and our favorite Indian restaurant and then off to an Asian dollar store that I *just* learned about this week from my best girlfriend.

These photos are utter crap because it is nighttime and rainy, but you get the idea.

We popped into an estate sale in a very, very, very fancy neighborhood where I picked up a roll of foil wallpaper from 1979. I have seen a few wallpaper art type projects on pinterest and I think it might be fun for that, even if it is way more 1970 than anything else I ever buy.

The dollar store was loads of fun (but nothing is a dollar! LOL it's all $2). Rice ball molds;
Gingham bento/cupcake/whatever (will be crafty in my house) papers;
The cutest sponges ever;
No wait, maybe these are the cutest sponges ever;
Or are these the cutest sponges ever?;
A cloth "lunch sack";
A very cute notebook;
And another;
And even cute trash cans!;
A cute plastic box.

I love Japanese cute so very much. It totally made up for a bad, bad Saturday.

Now if only I could find a bookstore in town that sold the Japanese books and magazines I love. I tried asking around in "chinatown*", but no one there spoke english. When I asked the man in the dollar store he replied "oh, I get a new door soon!" Umm, great? LOL

*I had no idea we even had a chinatown until this week, but we do indeed.


  1. Foil wallpaper will forever remind me of my Granny's bathroom. It had powder blue flowers to match the blue fixtures.

    I wish I had words of motherhood wisdom, but I don't. I can only sympathize with the frustration you must be feeling.

  2. I remember thinking what on earth I was doing wrong with our son. He started having tantrums when he was @ 12 years old. We finally took him to be evaluated when he was seventeen and we were told he was severely depressed. He went on a prescription which he hated. So I know somewhat the time you are having. It is hard-you have my sympathies and prayers. If only there s a simple answer. Just know you are not alone. So glad you had time today to have some fun. Be strong and know you can e strong and hold onto the love you have for your son.

  3. Thinking of you and Jack. I'm glad you were able to find something fun to salvage the weekend. I'd love to have a little version of China town. Your finds are so darling.

  4. OHMYGOSH it looks like the stuff we get at Daiso, especially those sponges. I love out Japanese dollar store. So good.

    Big hugs. It sure isn't easy is it?

  5. Sorry to hear about Jack - will be thinking of you as you look for solutions!
    What will you do with the cute sponges? I would almost hate to use them for cleaning, just too cute. or maybe they would make cleaning more fun. Hmm.

  6. Katrina always goes through SEVERE behavioral issues about a month before a major developmental milestone. I'm hoping that will be the case for Jack and that today was better than yesterday! I stocked up on some of those goodies when I went to Japan -! You will have a blast!

  7. Wait... a japanese dollar store? Where????? Please do tell (also chinatown, really?).


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